Spring Classics *Spoilers*




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:hyper: Eurosport coverage starts soon. Will be a fascinating day, we have no idea about anyone’s form and this is summer not spring so we are looking at 35degrees :sun::sun:. It is going to be a crazy hard day on a crazy hard course.
Did they show the women's race early or not at all?


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I watched the men's and women's Strade Bianchi highlights yesterday. The men's had its own highlights program on Eurosport.

The women's race was great viewing but was shoved off into obscure online coverage*. You would have thought that having been starved of live racing for so long, that Eurosport would have made the most of coverage of what turned out to be a fantastic race.

The TV coverage was pants too, but I know Eurosport don't control that. They missed AvV's crucial move jumping from the peloton to the chase group. The time gaps were all over the place and had to be removed from the screen.

*I've shelled out £20 (early bird discount) for a year of the GCN app. It's not a lot for a year's worth. If it's crap I won't renew.
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