Squeaky Brooks B17


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OK, so now my squealing brakes are coming under control, I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to another problem that began during the summer.

I changed the saddle on my tourer in April to a Brooks B17 and although initially fine, it started squeaking after a couple of months. It seems to be where the leather is rubbing against the metal that it is riveted to. I tried using some Proofide to soften the leather from the underside and used a screwdriver blade to insert some between the metal and the leather but it doesn't seem to have had much effect (only a beneficial effect on the rear part of the saddle). The problem seems to be concentrated in the nose of the saddle.

My other B17 (which I've had on my Roberts for much longer) has been as silent as a mouse the whole time.

Any ideas on curing this annoyance?
Two or three drops of light oil on the nose bolt every six months or so (tension adjuster) keeps mine quiet :sad:.
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