Sram Eagle or 1x converting from Sora 2x 18 speed

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ive recently got my hand on a used Pinnacle Pyrolite 2019 bike and want to swap it over 2to a 1x sram system. I want to make sure I order the correct parts It currently has a FSA BB-4000 19mm BSA threaded BB ( English thread?)Also the rear axle is the 135mm. It currently has a 2x Sora 18speed set up.
So my question what 1x11 system ( should I do I need to change the BB, if so what to? )
could I change to the sram NX eagle cassette, derailleur, chain etc but use the 12 speed MICROshift option on the bars ? If so will the Eagle crankset work with this frame? Can I just change the BB to the DUB that fits this frame? Sorry lots of questions. Hope you can help


It will expensive as you need an 11spd shifter to do that, and really a pair of such if you want them to match.

Cheapest is a bar end shifter and then just us the brifters for braking.

Is the 1 or the 11 important?

As you can go 1 at the front say 38T or 36T and use an 8spd 11-34 cassette for a very cheap conversion.


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You might get away with NX system. Not so sure about swapping. A 135mm rear QR axel is a bit 'old skool' on a 2019 bike.

DUB/ GX etc will fit, but you might have to be careful with chainring clearance on a frame that's not 1x .

Why bother TBH - I have a 2 x 10 and it's fine - I prefer it TBH, less tooth jumps.


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It's a lot of money for getting fewer gears and bigger gaps between gears.
Shame as someone on here just last week was trying to off load the SRAM bits you need. I think it's sold now.
A 1x 9 conversion would be more cost effective.


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@LBR did you manage to sort out your conversion? And can I ask you what you did with your 2x9 sora shifters?

I'm looking for a set of sora r3000 with the integrated routing for brakes and gears and wondering if you would be willing to sell them?
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