Stage 7 **SPOILER**

NOT YET, He's not in my team yet :rolleyes:


He could well do it. I doubt this stage will be difficult enough for the climbers and GC contenders to be interested. Last climb is only 14 ks long and 4% average. Should see a break of strong all rounders go all the way today.

I'd like to see it too but my gut feeling is Cancellera might hang on today and there's a 4K flat after the last hill.


God Almighty
I reckon columbia are going to try something again today, especially with the flat, and they have been strong on hills I believe, might be mistaken.

On the hills yes...but on the mountains? ;)


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just read on BBC that Robbie McEwan got knocked off his bike just after the finish line yesterday by a journo. What with that and the scrap between the QS and Caise riders, quite an eventful post race!
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