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  1. I've been using the static bikes in the gym i've recently joined. They have a resistance level of 1 to 40. I've tried all the levels and level 5,level 10,level 15,level 25 and the maximum level 40 are the ones i like to use. I don't like 'spinning' as i find the pedals tend to run away from me,so grinding is my choice of pedaling. I do go through the different levels in the hour to a hour and a half i'm on them. I tend to use the higher levels most,while using the lower levels to cool down. For the last two nights i've done something some might say will harm my joints. I've stood on the pedals for half an hour with the resistance at the maximum level. On looking at the screen my cadence averaged 26 rpm and my average speed was 16.5 mph. This is by far the highest average i've had on a static bike. I usually average about 11 to 13 mph. Ive tried half an hour at level 15 and my average speed was around 12 mph. I've also noticed the watts level at the lower resistance levels is much lower than than when i'm at level 40. My watts output at level 40 is around 140,whereas at level 15 it's around 80. Surely more watts output means it's better for the cardiovascular system? This leads me to my question. If a low cadence isn't as good as spinning,how come i can go faster and go further on a very low cadence?

    This explains it quite nicely.
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    Sounds like the equipment is fubared if you're getting "16.5mph" at 26rpm (sure it's not kmh?)
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    No,it's set at miles. You can't alter it to kilometers either. On Tuesday night after my half hour on full resistance i looked at the screen and it said 8.25 miles. Av/speed 16.5. Average Level 39 ( I'm presuming it's not 40 as i have to start off at the lower level to get to 40,which takes about 12 seconds) Average Watts 140.
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    All this static equipment, be it a bike or whatever give readings you should take with a pinch of salt.

    Standing on the pedals for that long in no different to using a stepper machine.

    Try and get in a spin class if they do them. More social, more fun.
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    @Accy cyclist does the static bike make your hair stand on end?
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    What you don't state is your cadence at level 15, you can achieve the same watts and speed at level 15 as level 40 by pedaling faster, but if you find 26 rpm comfortable the level 15 cadence for the same speed and watts may be well outside your comfort zone.

    As an experiment lower the level from from 40 a little and raise your cadence a little to achieve the same output, but if your happy at 26 rpm carry on, but using these gears on the road is not the best way to ride a bike.
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    Who needs a class to spin pedals i ask? Do you need lessons in this latest fad of spinning?:whistle: To sit on a static bike and pedal like crazy while producing a bucket of sweat and in my case making my knees feel like they're going to dislocate just does not appeal. I tend to get your question directed at me quite a lot. Usually from females. I mention cycling and they'll say " Have you tried spinning"?:rolleyes:
  10. Unfortunately the science doesn’t support your ascertation / assertion.

    For the reasons detailed in the article Iinked to, for example if you were making 200 Watts, and doing so at 85 - 100 rpms, your body / muscles would be working more efficiently, than if you were making those 200 Watts at ( say for example ) 65 rpms. However, if you were only making ( for example ) 90 Watts at your 85 - 100 rpms, your body / muscles would be expending most of their effort just moving your legs around, and the muscles employed to do so, would be different, and working differently, so this would be relatively inefficient. If you were only making 90 Watts, You wouldn’t be moving very fast anyway. I’m afraid you can’t argue with science / robust experimental data, however much you want it not to be so. It’s possible that the guy you witnessed “spinning like crazy” was doing so at such low power, that it made the effort so inefficient that he blew out after a short time. You have to make sure that your Power output justifies your cadence.
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    No hair fortunately!
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    Meanwood ,Leeds

    :laugh::becool::wahhey:You are always spinning tales on here.^_^ keep it up,the spinning i mean.
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    I suppose i also cycle this way to benefit my leg muscles. The harder the resistance the more i have to push down. When i've done half an hour standing on the pedals if i use the weights in the gym designed to build leg strength i find myself lifting less kilos than i would if i hadn't used the static bike in such a way. Maybe i'm combining aerobic cycling with leg strengthening? I know some cyclists say you can't build your leg muscles up simply by cycling,but aren't they the ones who prefer to use a very high cadence?
  14. Technique also plays a part. The French call it “Souplesse”. Essentially it’s smoothness of pedal action, or balance between power application and duration between left and right cranks, and what the rest of your body is doing, the stiller you can keep everything that’s not involved in the action, and the more uniform your posture stays, the better. Don’t death grip the bars either, it will cause unnecessary C.V. demand. To put it in layman’s terms, if you pedal in circles, your riding will be more effective. If you have poor technique / lack Souplesse, your efforts are relatively wasted.
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    What do you mean by pedaling in circles?I try to use a smooth pedaling action,pushing down with equal pressure from both legs,though my right leg isn't quite as strong due to those hip and leg breaks 2 years ago. I also try not to sway from side to side when pedaling,which i find makes me feel like i'm using my upper body as well as my legs to push down on the pedals. if i don't sway then i find that my legs have to do more work.
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