Staying on Route (in the Peaks)

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by therunner, 17 Jul 2012.

  1. therunner

    therunner New Member


    I'm looking to get into cycling so I've been looking at beginner routes on the Peak District site, but I was wondering how you ensure you stay on the correct route and don't get lost? Do you have to keep looking at a map or are the routes typically signposted?

    I've got a phone which has GPS so I always thought I could always use that if I was really lost. Thanks in advance!
  2. sidevalve

    sidevalve Über Member

    Most genuine cycle routes seem to be pretty well signposted I've found, but I'd take a map anyway. Other than just getting around they can show up gradients, off road paths and some great places just to visit.
  3. Brommyboy

    Brommyboy Über Member

    The Tissington trail starts at Ashbourne and ends rather awkwardly between Earl Sterndale and the A515 near Buxton. The Manifold trail goes from Waterhouses to Hulme End. The Monsal trail runs from the car park for Blackwater Mill off the A6 SE of Buxton to outside Bakewell. The High Peak trail is between the Tissington trail near Hartington and Middleton Top above Cromford. If you can't follow those without getting lost, then you should stay in bed!!! With a map, you can make any other ride you want.
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