Steel frame, disc brakes


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Other than the condor fratello and the genesis equilibrium, are any other steel framed bike with disc brakes I could consider? Up to about £1500



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Hi there! for touring or whatever?? Norco Search S2, Kona Rove, All-City Macho Man, Salsa Vaya? I'm sure there are many more; it's early, not properly awake yet.


also available in orange
I guess a bit of everything really, not heavy touring though because that's not going to happen anytime soon. Not a Genesis Volare but a bit more road-y than a Croix de fer.



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I tell you what, out of the 2 you first mentioned. I wouldn't look much farther. They are both great bikes and would be hard pressed to find better,
The Fratello is a lovely looking bike. Very high up on my list of wants. If you haven't seen already, RoadCC have just done a review. HERE
i believe Thorn in bridgewater do something along those lines. That said, I have the Condor Tempo which is, I believe, the Fratello frame built up as a fixie - and it's lovely - so a disc braked Fratello would be high on my list too


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Hi outlash,

Apologies because I don't have any alternatives to mention but with you mentioning that you might use the bike for a bit of everything I just thought I'd mention one thing that I read recently. The reason for mentioning it is just in case you're considering fitting a pannier rack.

Regarding the Condor Fratello Disc the article from Road CC, link below, says, "There are new dropouts to accommodate the disc brake caliper, mounted on the chainstay, ensuring there are no clearance issues with mudguards fitted.". This seems like Condor have thought about the potential uses for this bike and the fact that it could be used with mudguards and a pannier rack and they've taken this into account with the design. Hopefully this means that you can fit just about any sort of pannier rack without having to get a disc specific model.

My apologies because I don't know where the disc brake caliper is mounted on the Genesis Equilibrium bikes but it might be worth seeing if a dealer or Genesis can tell you if you want to fit a rack.

Good luck narrowing things down and getting the right bike for you!


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Steve Abrahams is doing pretty well on a Raleigh Sojurner ....
But the Fratello is a beauty ....

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For ease of rack fitting, you need an inboard mounted disc brake.

Also better because there's less chance of damage should you drop the bike on that side.

See this pic from the road cc review of the Fratello:

Condor Fratello - rear disc brake.jpg

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The disc brake on the Fratello is interesting for another reason.

It is one of the new type cable/hydraulic hybrids.

The reservoir is mounted on the brake itself, rather than the handlebar, and the brake is activated by a cable, rather than a hose.

Thus you get the advantages of a full hydraulic brake, next to no maintenance, not least because both callipers move.

But you can also use roadie type drop handlebar shifters/brake levers.
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