Steep climb in the Royston area?


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I'm sure that out in the Royston direction from Cambridge there's a short 17% (iirc) climb but I'll be damned if I can find it on a map & bikehike. I've never intentionally gone to it but I've come across it on an aimless ride but not in a while as it's not been logged on my trip comp.

Could anyone give me a clue as to where it is or if you know what I'm talking about but know I'm looking in the wrong place tell me.
I've been known to walk in that sort of area and the only bit of a hill I came across was Thriplow?


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You don't really need to find a steep hill to train for steep hills.

Find a less steep hill and ride up it on a high gear which emulates the cadence you would be riding at up the steep hill.

All that remains is to use a little imagination. Graffiti on road, cheering crowd, Union Jack waving in front of your face, baking hot sun and heat reflecting off the tarmac.


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Can't think of anything 17% near Royston but it definitely gets lumpy East of there; Chrishall, Elmdon, etc.

Winding Hill (between Much Hadham and Bishops Stortford on the B1004) is signed at 1 in 8.

Bit further afield there's Hatch Lane between London Road, Baldock and Weston but still not 17%.


nmcgann said:
The best hill near Royston is the climb up past the golf club to Therfield. Not particularly steep, but it is a decent length.
I think what makes this hill harder is the road is straight so you can see it all stretched out in front of you. Easy enough if you select a low gear and spin up but a lot harder if you go for it.


Chapel Hill (between Haslingfield and Barrington)?

It's short 'n' sweet.

Else the road past the golf course as Neil already mentioned.


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Thanks for the suggestions but none are what I'm looking for, I'm starting to think I'm looking in the wrong direction from Cambridge.

I'll ride regularly the Cambridge side of the B1038 & A1198, I'll not really venture beyond the A10 going north east from Cambridge or north of the A1123. Somewhere there's a posted 17% (I'm almost certain its 17%) which I occasionally come across on my longer rides which means I'll be outside that area.

simon, Chapel hill barely gets to 10% on the steep side ;)


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GrasB said:
simon, Chapel hill barely gets to 10% on the steep side :ohmy:
Indeed. I grew up in Haslingfield so it's the hill I've climbed most often on a bike (other than the private M11 flyover in Pemberton's Farm).

There's a chevron in Suffolk at Hartest.

Other than that I've had a long trawl on and I can't spot another chevron anywhere within 10 miles of Royston (but that doesn't mean the 17% climb doesn't exist!). Next time you see it make sure you write down where it is and let us know, I'm interested...


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Come to the north west there's plenty of chevrons without trying to find 'em. :ohmy:

I met a really nice guy from a cambridge cycle club doing the pennine challenge whom agreed it's hills are something to sweat over by just looking at them. :shy:


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I'm at a loss to think of a 17% hill near Royston. Is it the one out towards Barley, maybe?
Or up towards Reed and the Silver Ball cafe?


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Warden Hill at Everton is steep - single chevron on the OS maps. That's the closest chevron to Cambridge I know. Hartest hill is the next one, but it's further away.

That's it!
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