Steve Parry (SP) modified Brompton Stolen


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Hi everyone,

I had my SP brompton stolen from just outside Royal Festival Hall yesterday. I was in town to celebrate my mum graduating so am not local, I wanted to get the information about the bike out in the public domain in case it helps finding it.

It's pretty unique and means a lot to me emotionally, I've reported to the police, but there were no witnesses or CCTV coverage of the area so there's basically nothing they can do. I'm sorting through an insurance claim, but I'd rather have it back!

Photo attached for information

Black frame, SP sticker instead of Brompton logo
14 speed Rohloff hub, twist grip on right handlebar
V-breaks to both front and back
Inbuilt suspension to handlebar stem, created from saddle post
Non-standard brompton, flat handlbars with bull horn ends

Since pictured:
Rack has been removed, and replaced with new black rear mudguard only
Saddle was replaced with a standard brompton saddle after the expedition was over!
Saddle bag was different, but similar size
bottle cage was removed

Unfortunately I currently can't find where I've written down the frame and serial number, so I'm trying everything else I can think of.

If anyone sees it for sale anywhere or has any recommendations beyond keeping looking at ebay and gumtree obsessively I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me.
Thanks in advance,


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You have my full sympathies. I hope it is recovered although in London that is sadly unlikely. My first Brompton an L6 was stolen from right outside Senate House in London. It was never found. It was D-locked to a stout Oxford stand right under a security camera. No one saw anything, the camera wasn't recording, security and the police weren't interested. The theft was very distressing as I had ridden over many of the cols of the Pyrenees on it. I think my downfall was using a Kryptonite F**k off big D-lock which offered little resistance. I shouldn't have let it out of my sight. Unfortunately the nasty security people at Senate House would not let me take it inside with me. My house insurance paid up for a new one in full quite quickly though, but I still miss it. So you have my full sympathies. Although mine was not modified to the extent yours was, I do have a Rohloff hub gear bike, my perfect bike, and would be absolutely bereft if it were stolen. Bike thieves in fact all thieves should have their hands cut off.


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Bike thieves in fact all thieves should have their hands cut off.
There was once a Russell Harty, or Michael Parkinson interview once on TV, they had some arab prince on there not 100% sure where he was from, whoever was the interviewer tried to berate him about their uncivilised ways of chopping hands off thieves, the prince just turned & asked who had the biggest issue with thefts, them or the UK. The interviewer quickly moved on.
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