Sti shifters (calibration etc)

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by tallbikes, 14 Mar 2019.

  1. tallbikes

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    So I got a bike today that someone was selling cheap, it was in pretty poor shape, I spent a long time today undoing silly things the previous person had done trying to restore the bike,
    One thing was the sti shifters don't spring back properly after braking, the calipers and housing seem fine , I think it's partly to do with the fact he had put the wrong type of cable into it so they can't close properly coz the head of the cable is far too big lol ,
    But also I think the springs could to with being made a bit springyer,
    So does anyone know is it possible to replace the lever spring or adjust it or is that part too hard to access generally? I don't want to take the whole shifter apart coz I not sure I could get it back together properly , and they do work at the moment but they just don't close properly all the way and I'm a bit worried about water getting in there over time ,
  2. Vantage

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    The proper cables will help certainly.
    You might also find that new inner cables as long as the outers are ok will also help the levers return to their closed position. Smooth bends in the cables also help here.
    The original springs should be fine as they are. If you introduce stronger springs into the mechanism you'll find you need to pull them harder and so lose braking power.
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  3. fossyant

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    Change all the cables - the inner and outers for brakes and gears.
  4. I had some STI shifters that got gummy like that, and I replaced the cables and ran some WD-40 through the body, after taking off the hoods, which may be damaged by WD-40, and they work just fine now.
    This guy had some problems with shifting, and his whole YouTube channel is about fixing bicycles:

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  5. Broadside

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    Unclamp the cable at the brake caliper, does it work properly then? The brake caliper may need to be stripped cleaned and greased for smooth operation.
  6. Globalti

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    Stop wasting time messing about. The cables are all worn and crudded up, replace the lot, inners and outers.
  7. OP

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    Thanks for replies,
    I'll report back after changing out the cables, probably won't g
    lol cheers for that haha
    the cables and housings are all new,
    good guess tho
  8. OP

    tallbikes Regular

    thanks for all replies, il report back after putting the correct cables in and stuff,
    probably won't get round to it til next weekend as I don't have it at my house right now
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