Still got the decorations up?............

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Whose stayed loyal to the Xmas spirit and kept the tree or decorations up? I think that the proper day to take them down is the sixth of jan. We`ve not took ours down yet as the place looks bare without them. Anyone put them up on bonfire night and take them down day after Boxing day like they do in the shops? :biggrin:
ours are still up. i keep telling the missus i don't want to take the tree down cos it's so pretty with it's little lights....


The tree is still up, but it will come down this weekend. No needle drop at all - quite impressed with the tree this year. I might even manage to get it down 3 flights without leaving the usual carpet of needles.


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isn't it traditional to take them down on the 6th january (twelvth night)?


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beanzontoast said:
Decorations down on New Year's Day and back in the loft by teatime. Can't be doing with Christmas stuff around once the holiday is over.

Same here beanz. I can't stand the bloody things anyway. For me christmas is over once boxing day has passed. Who started this twelve days of christmas stuff anyway?


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vbc said:
Never had any up in the first place....Bah humbug!

Me neither, but then I was going away for Christmas. I did take the few Christmas cards I had up, down, when I did my big tidy-up/hoovering session on New Years Day.


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vbc said:
Never had any up in the first place....Bah humbug!

First year we didn't put decorations up can't say we missed them and the bonus is no 'oh the place looks so bare without decorations'.
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