Stolen Bike at Prudential Ride London Freecycle

Discussion in 'Stolen Bikes' started by ianrauk, 3 Aug 2017.

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    To satisfy those who've curiosity has got the better of them and PM'd me...there's a lock picking tool doing the rounds, which originated in Canada of all places. It defeats cylindrical locks in seconds, the type of lock found on many D locks and armoured cable locks. Johnny Lightfingers doesn't appear to have an angle grinder and 36v battery pack in his pocket, and his man bag appears not to be big enough to conceal even modest bolt croppers, so I was wondering if he might be one of those employing the new tool.

    Edit - seems it was locked, and the absence of heavy thieving artillery on the suspect suggests he may indeed have been using such a tool.
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  2. He wanted to blend in, so he took one of the tops that they give away freely at these events.

    Also, if he was seen taking the bike, the description "white guy, mid twenties, hi viz top, on a Cannondale road bike" won't narrow the search much.
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    Police have already asked a large number of CC members where they were on Saturday afternoon...
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  4. Another one? This event seems to be a thieving b*st*rds paradise.
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    I think that bike is in bits by now.

    I think that said bits have been distributed all over the place to well-meaning punters by the tea leaf's mates via the gift of Gumtree.

    I think the frame will re-emerge as a complete bike in about two years with lots of other bits supplied by the tea leaf's mates, and be flogged, again via the gift of Gumtree.

    I think the tea leaf won't be caught, as his mates won't grass and there's enough of his face hidden to create a reasonable doubt.

    I hope I'm wrong.
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  8. Stealing bikes from organised events has been popular for a long time. They even turn up in full lycra to blend in.

    3 TCR bikes have been stolen this year while the riders have been making their way home with their bikes.
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