Stolen Merlin Malt 2 and Trek 7.3fx, Richmond TW10


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Not exactly happy to say this is my first post, but I thought I'd put this up here on the off chance anybody can help. I had 2 bikes locked outside my flat in Richmond, which have been well and truly nicked...
Anyway, from the slim chance that anybody does see them around then I'd appreciate it if you could let me know:

2006 Merlin Malt 2 frame (gold coloured) 17inch
Marzocchi MX Comp forks, black
Magura Julie disc brakes
XC717 Black rims and spokes, with Panaracer Fire tyres
May have some superficial damage to the frame/front wheel, as the thieves managed to remove it with an Abus Granit D lock still attached to the frame - pretty certain they took it away to angle grind at their leisure...

TREK 7.3fx
17.5inch black frame
Frame number - WTU040C0857D
Other than having fitted semi-slick tyres it was the basic model - it did have a lock carrier fitted to the frame but given that the lock's now in pieces I expect it's probably been removed!
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