Stolen on the first day of commute

Discussion in 'Stolen Bikes' started by midliferider, 20 Sep 2017.

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    The part immediately preceding my question.
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    Thanks. I couldn't remember what to search for just then.

    There was a #ProperLockIt campaign a year or two ago, but basically: two locks, different types, one through rear wheel, frame and parking rack; the other through front wheel, frame and rack. Not always possible but it's the aim.
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    I got fed up with storing the bikes in the house, so I had an Agard fitted in the garden, £600 very well spent...and it takes 4 full size bikes

    I pretty much only use a D Lock away from home if leaving the bike. I'm no lightweight so frankly adding 2kg of Abus to my rack bag makes diddly difference, preferred to putting on the frame

    My new work place has secure bike area (hopefully), I've left my spare D lock there, even though I'll probably ride a day a week max, as I also have to carry a heavy old laptop, shoes, clothes etc
  4. TheCyclingRooster

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    Hi km. Why can't the bike be kept in the apartment ? Is it a case of nowhere to stand it because that did not deter me with my two bikes in the back bedroom of the bungalow.

    I just bought two of these and shortened the drop-down legs and then positioned one above the other with the lower bike off of the floor so as to be able to vacuum through without hindrance. The was until I installed the shelving units. DSCF0060.JPG
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