Stopping sweat getting into your eyes ?


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How do you do it?
I have tried it with a buff which tends to build up then leak or nothing at all which means after 8 miles or so i am wiping sweat with my gloves or i cant see.
Considering Vaseline on the brow to form a barrier


Your cycling all wrong! Fit a 2 stroke engine and relax :smile:


Cycle faster. The increased airflow will dry the sweat.:tongue:

On a serious note. I've not idea, I just wipe my eyebrow before it starts rolling down to the eyes.
There is no way that I've found. Tried your grease suggestion, headbands, caps, buffs, hats, anti-perspirant sprays, trying to make a silicone sweat deflector. The only one that works for me is to carry multiple cycling caps and swap them round as each becomes saturated. That's just too much bother though so I just wear one cap - the peak of which drips most of the sweat away from your eyes - and carry a small towel and wipe the sweat out of my eyes as needed.

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My cycling was true
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They said "Some day you´ll find
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When your legs are on fire
You must realise
Sweat gets in your eyes ♫

(With apologies to Johnny Mathis and Bryan Ferry)
Sweat seems to damage the paint and rust the crossbars of my road bikes.
Yes, I found that happened too, though I put it down to wet weather rather than sweat. Now I 'smear and polish' just the handlebar and stem with GT85 periodically to stop that. You can see when it's needs redoing in this weather as the rain doesn't sit on it properly!


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My method:-

I always use a skull cap under the skid lid. My miussus made them for me, it's basically a lycra type high wicking fabric (called power dry from the US) and I have a band of double thickness material round the bottom. Theory is that the sweat is absorbed , then it is wicked away by the air flow from the helmet. The down side is you need a decently vented lid. I found helmet alone, or even an added sweat band only worked for a while, but soon started dripping. . I find it works really in virtually all conditions. The only time it doesn't work well is climbing a steep hill on a very hot day, not enough air flow, and sweat can drip.

Wouldn't be without one now.

Now, a bandana would probably work very well if you don't wear a helmet.


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I have the same issue. I have always sweated like crazy. It is even worse if you have sun cream on, as you get a mixture of sweat and suncream in your eyes which feels like acid burning your corneas off. The best I can manage is to wipe my brow with the back of my gloves or my sweatbands, but as you have pointed out, these very soon become waterlogged. Would be great if someone has a reliable solution to this.


There's something called a "sweat gutr" - which is a small plastic headband, with a "gutter" to channel away the sweat. Never used one though as this problem seems to have gone since getting a Bell helmet.
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