strada cateye wireless issue

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Done a 30 mile trot today but at about the 6 mile mark looked down at the computer and noticed it was only showing about 2 miles covered.
Was wondering if maybe it could have reset itself when I went over a short dirt track early on in my ride and due to the vibration the mode button pressed itself more than once.
And before you ask .......... yus I definitely reset the trip counter to zero before I set oft :blush:
Any possible answers would be welcome ............ thanks !!


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Sensor not close enough ?


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I've have this sensor on two different bikes.

Its fair to say that one on my road bike is more temperamental. I have changed the batteries in both the sensor & the computer as it began to give random readings. Its performance is made more frustrating by the fact that the sensor needs moving a millimetre each way to make it function.


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It's normally the proximity of the sensor. After a few rides I had mine sorted and it's been fine ever since...
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