Strange behaviour in post edit box


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Some strange things are happening in the post edit box!

I find that the text insertion is not always where the (er, what's it called?) caret is. 

Blank lines seem to get inserted sometimes so I end up with two rather than one. Basically WYSINNWYG! (NN = Not Necessarily!)

The caret sometimes jumps completely over lines of text after hitting the Enter key.

I'm just finding the post editor box confusing to use and I'm having to preview posts more than I did before, or go back and correct them when I discover the result isn't what I intended.

Another problem. I'll try and create an example here... If I create a link like this CycleChatone, where did the space character go before the word 'one'? I have to go back and reinsert a space even though there was already one there when I formed the link by highlighting the 'CycleChat' and clicking on the link icon.


The RTE (real-time editor) is being tweaked for the next update as it does a few strange things - have you have the one where you click on a smiley and it appears at the beginning of your post?

The alternative it to turn it off - Settings > Posting Settings > Untick (Enable visual (RTE) editor?)

I'll let everyone know when I install the latest forums update and we'll see if RTE works a bit better afterwards.

Shaun :biggrin:
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