Strange brand names


Dayvo said:
After reading about Melvil's experience with cock sauce (another thread) I wondered what kind of strange names you might have encountered!

I bought some cat litter yesterday called 'Pussi Kompakt Ultra'! Sounds more like a porno title! ;)
Gawd - adult cat litter, I've seen it all now!

Also on my travels I saw a chocolate drink called 'cackolac' which doesn't sound quite so drinkable in English!

Smokin Joe

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Russian made tubular tyres were briefly imported into the UK, but never really sold. They went under the name of Wankerbar.


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South Beds.
Hover Fly said:
A prominent training shoe shop in Brive la Gaillard in France is called "Athlete's Foot"
Brive La Gaillard is one of Dunstable's twin towns.

I've seen toilet paper called 'Krapp' before....and it was shown on TV too. ;)
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