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Here's a guy who is playing the kudos game.
Please look at me on Strava and follow me. Then I'll follow you. Then every time we each do a ride we will give each other kudos. Then I can get to the top of the Strava Kudos tree. And that means that I am popular. (P.S. I'm a sad and lonley old git with no real world friends)

Strava kudos are for the brain dead twitbook mentality. Just clicking a button on a guys ride because the guy clicks on your ride doesn't mean diddly squat. If you have something to say about a ride then say it. Going into autokudos mode says more about you than about the other guy's ride.
One hell of a ride, so real world Kudos for that I would not attempt a ride like that nowadays . I restrict my Strava to people I know so never get much Kudos.
Same here apart from a select few from on here. Apart from anything else, if your feed is full of hundreds of people you don't even know, you would miss seeing the ones that actually know you and mean something. It just becomes a pointless exercise. I enjoy seeing some of the local riders and it gives me the chance to see new routes too.


I don't ride for Kudos and only have a small amount of friends that follow me.

Sometimes I might get to the dizzying height of 5


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Don't think this is going the way OP wanted๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
By following two girls from a few doors along now, I have already discovered a few on/off road routes that I might attempt at some point. They are younger, fitter and more adventurous than me so explore more so itโ€™s great to see where they go.


Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
It's akin to having 957 'friends' on Farcebook that 'like' your photograph you posted of the crumbs of the toast you had for breakfast.


It'll be Reyt.
I don't generally count or bother but it's usually just club mates or people I know.I often get the odd random person from some far off land giving me the thumbs up.Why would someone do that?:stop::stop:
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