1. Sturmey_Hub

    Garmin and Strava

    Can anyone advise me please. Even though my Garmin account states that it is synced to Strava, it is not updating on Strava. Of course, I only have the 'free' version of Strava.
  2. D

    The shortage to end all shortages - Strava

    Strava is down! I'm not even sure that it has recorded my morning ride - that could mean a whole morning completely wasted!
  3. gavroche

    Strava cancellation.

    Does anyone know how to do it as there is nothing on the site that shows how to. I joined the one month free trial, it finishes mid September and it isn't for me really. I am quite happy with the free, basic subscription that covers my needs.
  4. T

    Cause of bogus Strava recording?

    Apologies if in the wrong spot. If better suited to another section of the board then please move there. Bit of a different angle here on the old 'Strava cheat' situation. Say it was a young person who's done 40mph up a 20% climb then you'd say ok fair enough, they've had Strava on in the car...
  5. BPCycler

    Strava With Wahoo Cadence Sensors

    Does anyone know if Strava discontinued support for cadence senors? Can't seem to connect mine.
  6. D

    Strava Morons again!

    Been out for a ride this morning, up the Bure Valley along side the 15" gauge railway, that goes from Hoveton/Wroxham to Alysham 9,8 miles, nice ride, wind was a higher than I would like but at least I got a tailwind home. I did some of it the other day so on loading it up into Strava it showed...
  7. mikeIow

    Strava - what-if you move from paid to free?

    Considering trying the paid Strava, in part to monitor/record more closely my Pandemic Pedal! I see they encourage paying for a year at £48, versus £7 for monthly payments. Of course they do! I may well sign up for the year - maybe I will get more out of it over time - but I am wondering: what...
  8. D

    Cycling data analysis/backup storage.

    I know people use Garmin devices, Strava etc. But what would be really useful in terms of backing up data/or analysing one's own data if it could be imported into a utility that analysed the data and produced charts. I guess my ideal solution woud be a across between OneDrive and...
  9. Chislenko

    Strava "Improvement" Update

    Why can't these computer types just leave things alone. Today it doesn't work at all for me. Anybody had it working today? Don't need the "I am not on Strava" replies thanks.
  10. Dwn

    Strava and the Clyde Tunnnel

    This is a question which probably needs some very specific local knowledge for it to be answered. The Clyde Tunnel connects the districts of Whiteinch and Govan, a few miles west of Glasgow city centre. Underneath the car tunnel there are also a couple of bike and pedestrian tunnels, which are...
  11. kingrollo

    Garmin / Strava delays.

    5 hours since I completed my ride. It's gone into Garmin connect but not Strava ....anyone else having issues ?
  12. G

    Bkool and Strava

    Anyone else having issues with syncing between Bkool and Strava? It worked on Tuesday but yesterday won’t send the activity across at all
  13. G

    Strava - merging activities

    Not sure if anyone can help with this. I have an Elite turbo trainer and Bkool running on my iPad. This works ok and Bkool controls the trainer. However I also have a Garmin Fenix which measures my heart rate. They both share data with Strava but it appears as two sessions, is it possible to...
  14. Broughtonblue

    Strava or map my ride or other

    Decided this is the year to really get back on the bike after 5 or 6 years out the saddle due to various reasons. I have a Garmin 800 but unfortunately my laptop is broken so no way of uploading rides, baffles me why tablets aren't compatible! So just wondering which phone apps people use, and...
  15. PaulSB

    Strava Data Issue

    Asking for a friend, yes, really who has an error in the data showing between his Strava phone app and the website. The app shows one more ride than the website meaning according to the app he has ridden 65 miles further than the information on his Strava account on the web. He records his...
  16. Tom B

    Strava having a subscription fart?

    Just logged on the Stava on the computer and a banner is displaying ×We had a problem debiting your PayPal account. Please verify your PayPal funding sources and upgrade in order to continue your subscription Looking at paypal it shows my subscription was paid as normal. (actually it shows...
  17. D

    Where are Strava Flybys?

    Seem to have disappeared today. Is this just a glitch or more "improvements to our service"?
  18. A

    Is strava worth the money?

    How good is strava and do you think it is worth the money? What has your experience been like using strava? Do they take you through good roads and do they use the most direct and fast route?
  19. steveindenmark

    Strava to GPX

    A question often ask. "How to ride someone elses Strava route" I didnt think you could but you can and it is simple. I use a free app called Strava to GPX. I worked out how to use it with a few minutes playing. Downloading to my Wahoo bolt is simple. This is anybodys route on Strava. Not just...
  20. Saracenlad

    Strava questions

    I dare say these have been asked before but I have searched and can't find them. I am new to Strava and find it a good resource. Question1 :- How can I send a copy of a route to a friend either on Facebook or Whatsapp? Question 2 :- How do I make all the rides I record on my phone Private...
  21. Saracenlad

    Strava or what else?

    The first thing to say here is :- I am a self-confessed Luddite. I struggle with technology of any sort. Just got to grips with my Bose receiver after 18 months! My question is; can anyone give me a rough idea what is involved in operating a Strava system or alternative. I have home PC running...
  22. Trigger369

    Sync wahoo to strava problem

    just recently upgraded smartphone s20. Installed all apps and signed in agian . Also have a new lid with angi . Wahoo isn't syncing with strava . But when I got home I used wahoo to quickly start and end a ride and it sent to strava straight away. Wondering if anyone else's has experience this...
  23. derrick

    Strava users.

    What is the most Kudos you have received for one ride. For a 100 miler i normally get about 60 Kudos. But for my last epic ride i received 93. I quite like that.👍😁🍻 Check out my activity on Strava:
  24. J

    How to use Bluetooth Cadence with GPS in Strava? Which App?

    Currently I use strava to track GPS into Strava using an android mobile. Instead of going down garmin route, if I add a Bluetooth Speed/Cadence sensor can I import this data into Strava? I guess I would need to track GPS / and power into another app, and then import this into Strava? Would...
  25. wafter

    Reminder - Free Strava Trial Offer Ends Tonight / Tomorrow Morning

    For the free Strava users amongst us, a reminder that their free 60-day trial offer ends at midnight tonight Pacific time / 9am tomorrow for those of us in the UK. You have to put in your bank details so if you're tight like me don't forget to cancel it just before the 60 days is up!
  26. RoadRider400

    Strava - How does it work?

    Yes really. I am not much into tech with my riding but I am just wondering what it does? and what the big deal is. Specifically any aspects that are free because I dont have any interest in a subscription if thats how it works. Already use a ride tracking app to log my miles/elevation/speeds etc...
  27. R


  28. gavroche

    Strava and your mobile phone.

    As usual, I always set up Strava when I go for a ride and this afternoon was no exception, except for one thing. Usually, the phone stays in my back pocket until I am back home and then I stop Strava, Today, I decided to take a photo with my phone because the scenery was worth it but when I got...
  29. ozboz

    Using Strava

    There are some people on a local forum that seem to think that their bikes were tracked to their houses and nicked and the common factor was strava use , I’ve never clapped eyes on a strave devices I would not pass any comment , but is it possible to shadow people through strava ?
  30. Mattk50

    Strava settings help

    Hi, My strava always defaults to this and I want it to default to the second i.e. morning ride not activity, which I always have to change it to, to match prior activities. I can't find any setting except for the third screen shot which doesn't change the default to ride. Can someone help? Is a...
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