1. A

    Is strava worth the money?

    How good is strava and do you think it is worth the money? What has your experience been like using strava? Do they take you through good roads and do they use the most direct and fast route?
  2. steveindenmark

    Strava to GPX

    A question often ask. "How to ride someone elses Strava route" I didnt think you could but you can and it is simple. I use a free app called Strava to GPX. I worked out how to use it with a few minutes playing. Downloading to my Wahoo bolt is simple. This is anybodys route on Strava. Not just...
  3. Saracenlad

    Strava questions

    I dare say these have been asked before but I have searched and can't find them. I am new to Strava and find it a good resource. Question1 :- How can I send a copy of a route to a friend either on Facebook or Whatsapp? Question 2 :- How do I make all the rides I record on my phone Private...
  4. Saracenlad

    Strava or what else?

    The first thing to say here is :- I am a self-confessed Luddite. I struggle with technology of any sort. Just got to grips with my Bose receiver after 18 months! My question is; can anyone give me a rough idea what is involved in operating a Strava system or alternative. I have home PC running...
  5. Trigger369

    Sync wahoo to strava problem

    just recently upgraded smartphone s20. Installed all apps and signed in agian . Also have a new lid with angi . Wahoo isn't syncing with strava . But when I got home I used wahoo to quickly start and end a ride and it sent to strava straight away. Wondering if anyone else's has experience this...
  6. derrick

    Strava users.

    What is the most Kudos you have received for one ride. For a 100 miler i normally get about 60 Kudos. But for my last epic ride i received 93. I quite like that.👍😁🍻 Check out my activity on Strava:
  7. J

    How to use Bluetooth Cadence with GPS in Strava? Which App?

    Currently I use strava to track GPS into Strava using an android mobile. Instead of going down garmin route, if I add a Bluetooth Speed/Cadence sensor can I import this data into Strava? I guess I would need to track GPS / and power into another app, and then import this into Strava? Would...
  8. wafter

    Reminder - Free Strava Trial Offer Ends Tonight / Tomorrow Morning

    For the free Strava users amongst us, a reminder that their free 60-day trial offer ends at midnight tonight Pacific time / 9am tomorrow for those of us in the UK. You have to put in your bank details so if you're tight like me don't forget to cancel it just before the 60 days is up!
  9. RoadRider400

    Strava - How does it work?

    Yes really. I am not much into tech with my riding but I am just wondering what it does? and what the big deal is. Specifically any aspects that are free because I dont have any interest in a subscription if thats how it works. Already use a ride tracking app to log my miles/elevation/speeds etc...
  10. R


    Segments and leaderboards to go as of today apparently for those of us tight ar-es who don't pay for it...
  11. gavroche

    Strava and your mobile phone.

    As usual, I always set up Strava when I go for a ride and this afternoon was no exception, except for one thing. Usually, the phone stays in my back pocket until I am back home and then I stop Strava, Today, I decided to take a photo with my phone because the scenery was worth it but when I got...
  12. ozboz

    Using Strava

    There are some people on a local forum that seem to think that their bikes were tracked to their houses and nicked and the common factor was strava use , I’ve never clapped eyes on a strave devices I would not pass any comment , but is it possible to shadow people through strava ?
  13. Mattk50

    Strava settings help

    Hi, My strava always defaults to this and I want it to default to the second i.e. morning ride not activity, which I always have to change it to, to match prior activities. I can't find any setting except for the third screen shot which doesn't change the default to ride. Can someone help? Is a...
  14. Phaeton

    57 Flyby's on Strava

    Was looking at my ride from yesterday, there is another post where I lost a bag off the back of the bike, I could only thank the person who returned it from a distance. Got me thinking earlier if I could identify him...
  15. Phaeton

    Strava Segments not showing

    Been out for a ride this morning, got back & uploaded it to Garmin that syncs across to Strava but it's reporting no segments on the ride which I know is wrong. Has anybody else experienced this today?
  16. grellboy

    Hiding Koms on Strava

    Morning everyone. Hope you are all okay with your one ride a day and everyone staying safe. Just to give myself some stimulation I've decided to use Strava again. Just out of interest, wondered if anyone knows the process of privacy and KoMs? From what I can work out, if you get a new KoM but...
  17. Brains

    Strava: How to change email addy ??

    I had a freebie Strava account for years: (I don't feel the need to go to the paid version, as the free version does more than I need already) Is there a way I can update the e-mail address ? (As I'm soon to loose access to my existing e-mail address)
  18. sleuthey

    Ethics of a Solo Strava Easter Picture

    So I keep moaning in my head that COVID19 is taking over the forum, the news and many other things. So I'm going to be a right hypocrite now by raising another COVID19 post! Most of us saw the Strava Reindeer undertaken just before Christmas and many similar attempts. I expect some of us were...
  19. R

    Bike Computer To Strava.

    All, am new to the world of cycle computers, (birthday present). Used it for first time yesterday, have it on auto upload to Strava and everything matched fine. Went out today, being egged on by being able to see time and distance so was computing average mph in my head and was pleased on my...
  20. Spartak

    Wahoo.... Ride won't upload to Strava

    I've been using my Wahoo for approx a year now however today's ride won't upload to Strava ? Anyone had the same problem ? App shows that it's uploaded to Komoot & Relive but just shows a cloud next to Strava...?
  21. R

    Strava Question.

    Funny thing happened today. Stopped at cafe I quite often stop at, had me coffee etc, continued my ride. When I got home looked at my miles etc and it said I had achieved a second best time for me of 6 minutes something on the stretch that included the café stop. (Looking at previous times they...
  22. D

    Hi everybody has anyone cycled up bearwood lane hill burton upon Trent .and if so how steep is it I can’t find a Strava segment for it thanks.

    Hi everybody just wondered if anyone has ever cycled up bearwood hill lane burton upon Trent and if so how steep is it thanks in advance .
  23. graham bowers

    Strava January distance challenge

    With a rush of blood to the head i signed up for this, expecting to be able to specify the distance I was challenging myself to do. I can't find a way to do that. The support pages don't help at all. Could some kind soul explain how these distance challenges work please? 500 Km in the month is...
  24. PaulSB

    The Strava Reindeer

    This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
  25. S

    Advice about strava

    Hi there. Is there anybody out there having trouble with Strava not operating at all on Huewei phones. Ive downloaded the app 5 times. It doesnt seem to want to work. It perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy Ace.. Cant work it out!
  26. Spiderweb

    Strava won’t log in on new phone

    I’ve changed my phone today from an old iPhone 5s to an iPhone X, I think it’s a 10X? When trying to log in my email and password are accepted then the wheel (not sure how else to describe it) starts going round and stays like that, I’m not sure what is happening. I can log in and view my...
  27. KneesUp

    How does Strava calculate calories?

    I’m not expecting the calories figure on strava to be anything like accurate, especially as I have no sensors, but I’d expect it to be consistent. I’ve done the same commute the last two days with times 18 seconds apart over 2.6 miles, but yesterday it guessed at 254 calories and today it went...
  28. cyberknight

    Strava link

    We used to be able to post code to show the map of the ride,can we still do it? Tried the old method and it doesn't seem to work.
  29. simon the viking

    Does exercise bike mileage count towards yearly Strava mileage?

    Mrs V is considering getting an exercise bike - I've suggested an interactive roller and subscription but she's not listening as it would have to be in the dining room so.... If i use said exercise bike would a manual entry on Strava be an acceptable thing to do.... I was going to stream old...
  30. BurningLegs

    Strava removing support for Bluetooth sensors

    I like to ride with my iPhone recording rides, and a bluetooth HRM (Wahoo Tickr) but from 28th of October, the Strava app will no longer sync with Bluetooth sensors: I'm sure it...
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