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    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Street Art. Free displays of artistic talent or vandalism and a load of rubbish?
    The canvas is huge and ever changing, its mischievous with a history of rebellion, I've had my jaw drop open in amazement and laughed out loud. Its a constantly evolving free exhibition and treasure hunt that's best viewed by bike. I'm a fan!

    Over the past few months in my spare time I've cycled hundreds of miles across London and discovered some real gems, so its time to share the best ones I've got so far and hopefully others will post their good finds too. Cyclists get about so we should be able to amass a great collection. Extra points for bikes in photos as it acts as a constant reminder cycling is the best way to see them, and for scale purposes obviously upload_2017-7-24_20-1-1.png

    If people are interested in coming on a bike ride to see some of them, I am happy to help arrange a ride or series of rides in September and October. If so just declare your interest here and if some peeps come forward I will set up a separate thread for us to agree dates, draw up a shortlist of pieces to visit, agree route, food and drink stops etc. @RedRider and @Nigel182 had previously hinted at interest but all are welcome.

    Right that's enough jabbering, unleash the spray cans....
    ...and lets see those neglected, unloved, blank walls given some colour
    Art is often inspired by nature. I thought London wildlife was mostly pigeons, crows, rats and foxes, but when I started really looking I realised London has a still life safari park. I noticed a few bird drawings across town and after some interwebbing discovered they were by someone called ATM who did drawings of endangered or recently extinct UK birds:
    So I set off trying to find some. Chaffinch in Loughborough Junction

    A school grounds in Acton has a Goldfinch and a Jay

    A bullfinch in Turnpike Lane

    A lapwing, also in Turnpike Lane

    A goshawk in Walthamstow

    The now extinct in UK Great Bustard in Whitechapel

    Kingfisher in Dulwich

    Curlew in Mile End

    Snipe in Walthamstow

    Barn owl in Acton

    The head is all that remains of this Bittern in Bethnal Green
    And there is a whole flock in Coppermill Lane Walthamstow

    Big thanks to my friend in Wales,Jez Evans who identified the birds I could'nt.
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  2. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Birds are very popular, I've also come across some by Aspire, these are easy, you know these right? This in Croydon
    Chalk Farm Estate

    Mile End

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  3. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Here's a gannet and a shag in Acton, artist unknown

    Toucan on Chalk Farm Estate

    Here's some birds in the Egyptian hieroglyphics style in Croydon

    I saw these hummingbirds on some building hoardings in Wood St,Walthamstow
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  4. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    This Starling is by Irony and Boe just off West Green Road, Tottenham

    I've come across a few parrots on my travels, this one in Tooting

    This in Brixton
    and I really like these ones just off Caledonian Road, by Louis Masai.

    And what about a giant budgie rummaging in a skip? Seen here in Hackney Wick, done by Louis Masai and Bailon

    A white breasted parakeet in Mile End by Faunagraphic
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  5. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    This is Faith47's 'Europa and the bull' on Consort Road, inspired by Guido Reni's 17th century painting

    I'm not sure what this bird is, I think its an angry bird upload_2017-7-24_20-8-22.png , just off Brick Lane

    Near Broadway Market in Hackney is this crow by Irony and Boe #sickrhymes

    In Brixton there's a raven complete with Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name, done by James Cochran.

    And lets not forget the pigeon, this in Tottenham

    All those birds makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock, seen here in Dulwich, but the knife and ketchup reference obviously refer to his film Psycho, not The Birds
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  6. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Considering such a large part of the internet is taken up by cats, I've seen surprisingly few cat art works, which probably explains why there's so many birds above
    I did see this one in Croydon

    There's a cat keeping an eye on a few birds in this, in Linden Gardens

    I think the person that did this one did some LSD and spent the next 9 hours staring into the face of their cat

    And this tiger in Brockley by Louis Masai
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  7. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Louis Masai has also done a series of works on endangered animals, I've found these so far, a Brazilian Greater Otter in Brixton

    Rhino and Blue Whale in Mile End

    He also did a Marlin in Tooting but due to new building work it was gone when I visited. He also did this Red Shanked Douc in Lancaster Road, Walthamstow

    And this epic bat one in front of a very batish location, hidden away in Sydenham Woods., alas partially painted over
    Louis was also involved in a project a few years ago painting bees to raise awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder, I've found a few. These in Mile End

    These off Hackney Road

    He also did this coral scene in Mile End
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  8. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    And a few other creatures from deep, off Hackney Road

    These next two are by the same person, Spitalfields

    And Bethnal Green

    And this fish is in Clapton
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  9. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    An artist called Otto Schade does a series of ribbon drawn figures, including some animals, here's his rhino in Camden

    Some fish on Brick Lane

    And a new one of his appeared this week in Shoreditch

    In a similar style is this, don't know artist but I really like it, almost missed it because its so subtle. It appears to be a cheetah and a scuba diver, Dereham Place Shoreditch
  10. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    In the Peperami category (the remains of an animal) I think these two were done by the same person, this in Brixton

    And this in Croydon
    These are by artist called Shok-1, this in Walthamstow

    This off Brick Lane

    They also did this strange bug in Borough
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  11. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Rather slim pickings on the creepy crawlies front, artist Fanakapan did these spider balloons in Camden

    Fanakapan also did these in Trinity Buoy Wharf
    There's a dragonfly in Dulwich

    I really like this Lily Mixe one off Hackney Road

    This is the bug winner in my book, by JXC, in Croydon
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  12. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    There's animal origami, these by Origami Riot, can you guess what they are?
    Ardlui Road, West Norwood


    Brick Lane

    And this one is called 'cash cow', on Maple Rd, Penge
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  13. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    There's that common London scene of a girl with mouse, fish and cockerel, on Clerkenwell road

    I saw this in Wandsworth last week

    Of course you'd expect to find a cocky, gobby rabbit in London. Correct, this one out the back of the Imperial War Museum in Waterloo, alongside a fat chap who appears to have a really bad nut allergy or similar allergic reaction, he seems pretty chipper about it tho.

    A polar bear in Mile End by Jim Vision
  14. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    There's elephants, which a number of years ago my young niece Sofia declared is what she wanted to be when she grew up, so these are for her. Turnpike Lane

    And this one on the Chalk Farm Estate

    And these all by someone called Roaming Elephant, this in Mile End

    And this in Camden

    This AT-AT city-scape type elephant by Andy Council in Mile End
  15. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    In the shadow of the huge mast at Crystal Palace we have a King Kong climbing a mast

    And just off Whitecross St, Islington we have baboons taking bottom selfies

    Orangutan in Mile End by Fiyas

    Here's a piece called 'lost monkeys' on Brick Lane, I think the artist is Lewis Campbell

    Code St Hackney even has a chess playing chimp....

    ....and Croydon has a space chimp.....

    ...who could both easily outwit this chump, Trump, found off Brick Lane
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