I don't do enough of it and possibly not even the right stretches when I do.

Can anyone please recommend a series of stretches that I will try to follow?
I mainly get tight hamstrings which I can feel affecting my lower back.

Thanks in advance.


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A hammi stretch suggested to me by a physio is as follows:-

Stand with feet several inches apart. Bend over to touch the floor with your finger tips, bending the knees as you go down. Now leave your fingertips on the floor and straighten the legs. Do it slowly and you will feel a stretch in the hamstrings. Hold, then bend the knees again to go down and release your touch on the floor and stand straight. Repeat.

Another I use, that was suggested to me by a chiro is:-

Lie flat on your back on the floor, legs together. Bend one knee up and pull it into your chest, hold and release. Repeat 20 times each leg.

I find both useful but can't say whether they would suit you.

The usual advice about exercises should be followed - no jerking movements or forcing through pain etc etc.

I don't possess any expertise in these matters - these are just stretches I use.


Cheers Blue, I've always stretched my hamstrings by bending from a straight leg so will try your method as an alternative. They are bloody tight at the minute. My own fault.

Twenty Inch - I think I know what saluting the sun is. Just need to do it.


The thing to do,to get looser,is regularly every day for ten minutes.Dont push it,just relax into it,and feel the stretch.Over a period of a couple of weeks,you will notice a marked improvement.
Stand straight,feet shoulder width,and gently bend at the waist,hanging your arms down,and seeing how close to the floor your finger tips are,just using your body wieght to lower.Take note of how low you this for ten mins a day,gently,and you will begin to see your fingers getting closer to the floor.A little stiffness may happen,down the backs of your legs,the next couple of days,but probably not too much,as long as you dont push it,like i said,relax,breath out and lower gently,hold it a few seconds,or until you start to feel uncomfortable,then slowly raise,repeat as often as you feel like,but do it for a minimum of ten mins a day.But remember GENTLY.You can do a similar realaxed technique with most exercises shown you by others.

As a veriation on this,place one foot over and across the other,so your cross legged,and repeat,but this focuses on the hamstrings more so,so again,very gently,and slowly.


I've just been doing exactly that col :tongue:. Probably while you were typing ;)

The first one is great and while "hanging" I can really work out the niggles in my back by wiggling my shoulders.

As you say, gently does it.
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