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I've just got a (very good value) carbon fork from ebay and am trying to replace the steel fork on my virtuoso with it. However I cannot for the life of me get the crown race off of the old fork. It's only 6 months old but I'm increasingly convinced it's irretrievably rusted on. Does anyone have a winning tip on how to get the damned thing off? I've tried soaking it in WD40 and tapping around it using a screwdriver and a hammer. Well, a pocket knife and a wrench, my flatmate keeps a spare double bed (?!?) in the hallway so I can't get to most of my tools.

This is beginning to drive me mental, feeling as if I'm falling victim to the shoddy construction of my bike again.


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Take it to lbs they should have a crown race puller to remove it for you so it doesn't get damaged, or keep at it with screw driver and hammer but you could bugger it up and you need it really cause it's the perfect fit for your bike.
Well it's all academic anyway. upon closer inspection the fork I was going to replace it with has a crack at the steerer. Gutted doesn't even come close, there's no way I can afford a brand new carbon fork.
I guess I'll put it all back together again and put up with the heavy, juddery old steel forks I have.


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I am sorry to hear your carbon fork has a crack. However I am glad you found it before it fails while you are riding.

While a typical steel fork is roughly double the weight of a carbon one, the difference is typically only about 400g. If it is juddery, since you have been able to dismantle it you can check to see if the races/bearings are pitted, and see if any bit needs replacing?

It takes a bit of care to get the right headset/bearings but they don't have to be expensive.
Thanks RAFN, I suppose it's a good thing we found the crack but apparently my face was a picture when the mechanic told me. Caveat emptor as they say.

I think the judder is just the vibration from the road being transmitted up the fork into my matchstick-like arms.


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didn't you buy them on ebay?

so you were ripped-off; I would have words with the seller as selling cracked forks could have killed you! I would be very angry indeed.

Also make a paypal claim as I'm sure the seller didn't mention that they were cracked - you'll get your money back for sure.

Decent steel forks can be bought for as little as £50 new


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Probably worth asking for your money back from (a private) ebay seller, and if refused give negative feedback. If it is a trade (ebay) seller, you should be entitled to have your money back.

'Conventional wisdom' has it that carbon forks provide better damping compared to aluminum ones, while steel is generally considered not bad at all in terms of comfort. Evidence in fact suggests that tyres (wider, lower pressure) have far greater effect on damping road vibration (bar proper suspension). Significant reduction can also be achieved by the right bar tapes and gel mitts.
I've messaged the seller so we shall see where that gets me. Now to get the damned crown race back on my steels forks so I can actually ride the bike instead of sitting on the internet moaning about it!
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