Best wishes to all students, school people on this forum who are sitting, revising, retaking, - or whatever at the moment.
"The best years of your life don't forget..."

(Something I have been meaning to write all week - I know it is ilovebikes' last day tomorrow so, best wishes for the future: Tonight's 10mile TT result ilovebikes 26:16)

Shame he doesn't eat properly otherwise he would be 2 mins quicker :wacko:

Go to it you swots!



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cheers :wacko:

been doing a lot of revising lately, kinda taking over my life :biggrin: lol


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Yes im revising. I have pe and geog on Tuesday 19th so im revising for both, maybe fail geog i think.
Its a bitch they are both on the same day, i only do those exams aswell!!!
But i have the perfect way to relax, TT afterwards and my first open one on thursday 23rd
Best years of my life? Not sure about that. But then i do do alot of lieing around and having lie ins. If im up before 9 then thats early now!!!
Hard life of a student;)
And not a huge amount of revision, its not taken over yet:laugh:

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No exams for me until next year:biggrin: Although I have still been thinking about something a lot lately, and that alone has frazzled my brain.

Will where were you trialling tonight?

Young Un

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Ahh, I know there was on in Bromsgrove tonight - thought it might have been that one. Yeahh, I know what you mean about that type of rain, absolutely horrible!


Cheers A!
Had French oral on Monday, German today, both went well according to teachers, don't like to make my own assumptions. No more until June now, but that's not far off....


Radius said:
Had French oral on Monday....

Lucky you! :smile:


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I've had 4 and got one more next Wednesday. I'm going to start preparing for that tomorrow.

I feel reasonably confident with the one next week. It's a programming module and for both piece of course work I've been unsatisfied with what I've managed (struggled to get it all working)...but I've nice high marks for all the assignments so far so I think I'm just fussing too much :smile:. I need at least 6% in that module to pass it to carry onto next year and hopefully I'll get a whole lot more.


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Good luck you youngsters..... I hated my accountancy exams, even more than GCSE's (or o levels)..... orrible...... the lot.............

Chill....don't panic cram.....won't work......

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Noodley said:
Keep mellow people. Life goes on.

Unless of course you fail all your exams, in which case it might not. Unless you call working on McDonald's living, but that is definitely open to debate as far as I'm concerned. Although maybe still better than the other grim option, teaching.

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Noodley said:
Young chilled out people do not listen to doom-monger Pig. He is bitter.

Ha ha ha, yeah you're probably right ;0) I went straight from high school to a factory, I hate students! ;0)

But I do feel deeply sorry for anyone who works in McDonald's.
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