Stupid driver hassling cyclists,, but not me.


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Was driving home from wilmslow up styal road.. Now it gets stupidly narrow in a wooded bit on a hill with a bend at the bottom, totally blind and frankly it's insane this road takes so much traffic.
I'm going up the hill ( in the car ;) ).. Coming the other way, two cyclists, side by side with a nutjob behind waving his arms and hitting his horn..

How why, christ knows, he would be a lunatic to pass one on this stretch unless he had some sort of prescience that nothing was coming the other way...

So if this was you, I saw it if you want to make a complaint ;)

(hmm, the link doesnt do it justice, it normally feels very dark, which doesnt help sighting, because a lot of modern cars lights automatically come on.... just to blind you :-/ ),26.75,,0,8.04


Get problems a lot there from bellends - terrible stretch of road that.


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Know it well,there is some sort of cycle path from the bridge upwards but i am sure it has steps at the beginning ! Even driving up and down it can be interesting,you can see by the amount of dead car debris at the road edge !!!


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That section is one of the last bits on the Manchester 100, I remember lots of people pushing up that hill last year :smile: I had enough in my legs to make it up though.
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