Stupidly cheap bike lights!

OK, I am under no impression that these will be anything like even my small BLT. I am hoping the LED's are white, not green - don't see why not since I did get a white 5xLED head torch for an emergency spare from poundland.

Even got a combined postage discount for ordering two!

Can't wait to see if (a) they ever arrive and (;) what they are like for such silly money! Only for keeping in the bottom of a bag etc as a "just in case" spare etc
Hi to you all,I bought one of these,they are white,5 LED's,all on or flashing (but it also had the rear light with 5 LED's & multi function choice,with it),it came from a different seller in Hong Kong.The total cost(batteries not included) including P&P was less than the P&P on an identical Front And Rear set from Ireland.I cannot fault either purchases.They will run on continual, 5 LED's flashing for 24/7 for best part of 4 days,they are still very bright up to the end of the third day.When first switched on with fresh batteries the beam on constant is quite impressive, THE DOWNSIDE,28 days for delivery(THANK GOD IT'S SPRING/SUMMER).Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride are the best to use.Also look out for eneloop batteries by (I think Sanyo),FANTASTIC,I have them in my Fuji FinePix S5700 Digital Camera.They come ready charged and will cope with long periods of no use without loosing their initial charge,but trickle down slowly.Happy & Safe Riding to You All.
TheCyclingRooster said:

To be honest I expect that, and since postage is 32p from China, well, I don't expect FedEx International Priority!! :smile:

On non-urgent things sometimes the slow delivery is great, because I will completely forget I ordered something, so when it arrives, it's like an unexpected mystery parcel!


That's absolutely insane! :smile: I've just spent £1.97 for front + rear lights from the same seller. If it goes wrong then I'm not going to cry about it at that price. :smile:


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I bought a couple of headtorches for approx £3.50 each (half price) from Wilkos a while ago as back up and emergency lights, a little dearer, but they are rechargable - and you can recharge them wherever you are - just twist the handle round a few times.


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I have the same light as part of a set in silver. Works fine but did jump off its mount once and cracked the case, so would suggest you check the light is secure on the mount when riding. I put a elastic band around mine to just as a safety measure.
Well,they arrived!

They are bright! and they have a good "ring" around the head giving sideways visibility. Unsurprisingly the plastic feels cheap but...they are! Might not be too watertight in heavy rain either.

Flashing mode a little slow but what do you want for a few pence?

Will give them a proper test soon
Heads up to bargain hunters...the very same lights (but with a naff silver finish) are now in Poundland under their "mycycle" brand


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Bought a few, just to see for the kids bikes, and they are pants. Soon fell to bits. I wouldn't use them on the roads.

The Poundland ones ARE pants - don't touch them with a bargepole.

They look the same as the ones in my original post
They are branded the same the touch they feel just a little tackier though I originally put that down to the silver finish.

They don't click into their mounting brackets, or the brackets that I got with the Chinese ones (the Chinese eBay ones click in OK..just..but OK nontheless). The casing is slightly different and the lug for locating is almost non-existant (poor quality moulding)

Not even bothered putting batteries in them..but on closer inspection the lens is not quite the same shape either...only subtly different in width of lip but different nontheless

I can't believe there seem to be cheap chinese copies of cheap chinese bottom-line items now!! Anyway, for cheap lights, stick to the eBay ones it seems...only a few pennies (and weeks) more

Hacienda71 said:
I have the same light as part of a set in silver. Works fine but did jump off its mount once and cracked the case, so would suggest you check the light is secure on the mount when riding. I put a elastic band around mine to just as a safety measure.

Avoid the silver ones it seems!
stupidly cheap bike lights

Hi dont worry you will get them, i bought a set of front and rear light's from the same seller for £1.97 had to wait about 2 weeks but they arrived, tbh the front light is not all that good but that's my opinion the rear one is quite good and has different modes from on constant to flashing i think about 5 settings on it, the headlight would do to carry in the bag as a spare, as for the price they are dirt cheap and i have seen the same ones sold on ebay for a lot more.


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Considering one of these for fun when it gets darker

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