Summer Holiday in Europe

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Have a look at James Villas.

Not the cheapest but a good selection and some are on golf complexes with waterparks nearby etc.


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None of them can hold a candle to Weston-super-Mare

Seriously though, perhaps you need to refine your search criteria a bit more first.

Self Catering/Catered/All inclusive
Quiet and Peaceful/Loud and lively
What facilities to you want at your accommodation
What facilities do you want in the town you'll be in/near
No/some/lots of Brits

FWIW we love all inclusive as its such a relaxed way of going on hols with two teenagers but its not for everyone


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Have you thought about taking your car? e.g. France?
We have had some great holidays in various parts of France..........but making the journey part of the holiday as against allowing it to be an obstacle.
It allows you to take all the gear you want (no baggage allowance :smile: )
You may even be able to take you bike.

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Albufeira old town would suit your needs (Portugal). Beautiful, quaint area with stunning views and a really nice, long walk to the beach (Down a ruddy great, stepped hill - though, there is a 2nd entrance to it).


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We flew from Bristol to Split in Croatia last summer. Croatia is brilliant, we stayed in a place called Trogir which is easily accessible from the airport. Flights were very reasonable and then I used to source an apartment. Split is a great place to visit as its situated above a Roman palace and has a lot of history. Family of 4 two weeks in the sun, apartment, flights and car hire (which wasnt really needed) for around £1400.


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I've been to Turkey a number of times and had nothing but positive experiences (except when driving - they make the average Roman motorist look positively saintly)...

I've had friends who went to a Neilson place on Ardaykoy Island near Marmaris with their kids. Absolutely loved it.

Depending on how old the kids are and their interests, I'd also consider Istanbul (seriously - it's a fabulous city) and Gallipoli.
Ever tried Alanya ?
Small city, big town, fabulous beaches (sandy) with waves that crash in in the first 10ft, calm beyond that..great fun to get thrown about a bit if you like a bit of excitement, but quite safe.
Town is really quite large, it has its touristy shopping market but loads of cheap local authentic shops within a short walk. Good harbour, buzzing at night. Woodland/river parks a few miles away (Dim Cai) plus large caves a few miles from that (Dim Mergasi). I didn't have any problems driving there, just need to be alert.
Not many Brits there, you won't hear much English spoken, lots of Turkish holiday there plus Scandanavians.
It was so good we broke the habit of a lifetime and went back there twice (mostly due to the hotel , the Grand Okan)
Three visits to Turkey, never had a bad experience.
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