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The sun is shining, I have had my oats* and a cuppa and I can hear another cuppa on the way from the kitchen. I have bought my bike in from the shed, filled up my drink bottles so I am shortly off out on a nice little jaunt. I will head from Harlow, up towards Bishops Stortford via the lanes, then across to Takeley, then back to Harlow via Hatfield Broad Oak and Sheering. A nice little 30 miler to put a little sunshine on my knees.

At some point over the weekend I am fitting new rear wheel, freewheel, chain and rear mech, so that should keep me quiet for an hour.

Have a good weekend everyone.

* I meant porridge oats you dirty minded person :smile:
Isn't it nice! First shirt-only commute today. Even the club cyclists are waving hello.

Spring is imminent.


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chillyuk said:
* I meant porridge oats you dirty minded person :ohmy:
You know, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but your footnote made me search the Urban Dictionary...

You learn something new every day.


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I got up and set about cleaning / adjusting the bike.
Then settled down to watch the ManUtd - Spurs game.
After the game I decided to take the bike for a quick test ride to check the gear shifting.
My plan was to do a quick 10-miler and then pop into a nice country pub for a cider in the beer garden.
So I set off in some random direction with no great plan as to a route, thinking that I'd make it up on the fly. I get about 8 miles in, and think well it's a nice day, I'll extend it a bit via South Willingham. This sort of thing continued for some time. When I got to the pub, I found it closed. I thought it strange till I checked the time. I had been out for 3 hours! So I went home sparked up memory map to check my route. Turns out my "quick 10-miler" had mysteriously transformed into a 43 miler.
What is wrong with me? Am I mad?
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