Suntour 700C Nex suspension forks for 26" wheel?

First time poster here. Hi everyone :biggrin:
I'm riding a Raleigh at10 that I bought for £60 a few months ago and relatively new to cycling. I've got about 250 miles on this bike (my first since being a whipper snapper). I'm looking for new ssuspension in a bid to decrease weight and improve efficiency. The forks I've looked at have 63mm of travel but they are for 700c wheels but I currently have 26" wheels. Firstly would this be a possible upgrade and secondly would it have any negative effects on handling or geometry?


Oh the main reason I want to upgrade is for the lockout feature.


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:welcome: You'd need a new front wheel as well unless the forks and wheel are disc braked but it would not make much difference to steering geometry, bit more sluggish with a 622 front wheel but the bike would look very odd.
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