Super Bowl 2015.


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I'm over in 'murka just now, and there is some sort of football game going on tonight called the Super Bowl, between a team called the Seahawks, and another called the Patriots.
It's been big news, and people are getting quite worked up about it. You can buy cakes in team colours and other such stuff in places they call "stores".
Being such a big occasion, I quite like the idea of finding a "bar" to watch this in, but I don't know the first thing about 'murkan football. Can anyone summarise the rules in a few paragraphs?

I went to Seattle once, so I will be shouting for the Seahawks. I've also been to New England but I can't possibly cheer for a team with that word in the name :ohmy:.


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Can anyone summarise the rules in a few paragraphs?

You've got to get the ball over the furthest line from the middle line in your opponent's half.
Here you go, this should make it all the easier for you to understand it


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Don't forget, they are Americans so rules must be easy for them to understand. One give me rugby, that's proper game.

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"Basically you get four attempts (a down) to move the ball 10 yards (by either running or passing it). If you make 10 yards then you get another set of four downs.

If a team makes three yards, for argument's sake, then next it's 2nd and Seven, 3rd and Four etc. If they fail to make 10 yards in the four downs then the other team gets the ball."

That sounds like a description of a day on the Western Front.



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Just go visit some friends who are going to watch the game on TV. It'll be a fun spectacle and your friends can explain as you go - much better than someone here trying to explain in the abstract.

As for different football codes, think of it this way: Rugby is for little blokes who are nowhere near big and strong enough to play in the NFL


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It's a game for people about 6'8", 297 pounds who can sprint a 40 yard dash in a bit over 4 seconds and benchpress 400 pounds...

If you want to watch skinny guys run and run and run, go watch a marathon...:smile:
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