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Superstar Components Hydraulic Cables and Fittings

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by jethro10, 9 Jun 2011.

  1. jethro10

    jethro10 Senior Member

    Lake District, UK
    To cut a long story short, I decided to replace the wifes cables and ordered the Superstar ones.

    Quality of the cable and fittings look superb. no problems here.

    however I had a few problems.

    1. The Barbs that fit up the cable end to prevent the olive squashing it are way too tight, and I mean almost unbearable so. Others I've done need a gently tap, but these took ages and didn't go fully in by about 1-2mm. I had to tap them in with a large flat screwdriver blade while holding the cable as tight as I could, they would only go in a little, so I remove then, and the barbs have cut and removed plastic, so I peel these off, and repeat about 20 times in 1/2 an hour. finally ok-ish.

    2. Banjo fittings. All I've seen have a groove for a rubber O ring. however the Superstar ones have no groove and have 2 flat copper washers per fitting. They seal ok, but the Banjo sticks out about 2mm more (1mm thick washers) and perhaps no big deal to some, on my wifes brakes, the 2 x 1mm wide copper coloured bands look a bit naff.

    3. The lever end is standard 8mm fittings and the plastic cover for the nuts look quite nice when fitted but one fitted ok and one is so loose it keeps slipping off and I needed to put a dab of silicone rubber on the head of the nut and push the cover on. It's fine now and the silicone will pull off easily, but it is a bit of a shame the covers may be variable in size.

    Would I but them again? not if I can avoid it, the barbs tightness made it miserable to fit and took way too much time.