Suspension front fork - lubrication

My Trek 3700 has a basic, non-adjustable, non-locking (sprung?) front sus fork. I'm just wondering how to protect the polished metal part of the fork where it slides in and out of the lower part. Thinly applied grease? Or will this attract grit? And should I be doing any other maintaining of the suspension or is this a sealed unit?


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Wipe it clean after every ride and apply a small amount of a light oil to the seal, then compress the forks to spread it. That's all.

Dr Jon

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I tend to wash the fork stanchions, then dry and spray a small amount of teflon spray (gt85) on them, compress the fork a few times. Wipe off excess then run a small amount of chain lube around the seals. Compress again. It will keep them running smooth until they are serviced. My fox's have had this treatment for 2 years and have kept running amazingly well.
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