Sustrans 5 commute, Oxford to Yarnton


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In a word, don't.
My office has just moved to Yarnton and I'm trying to find a route from there to somewhere the 66 bus picks up from as I live in Swindon. Bike is a modified Brompton... Tried the Woodstock Road last week and its grim due to the state of the surface, so today I tried Sustrans route 5... Er, its not meant for normal bikes as far as I can tell, bits of it are canal path with low bridges, some of it is a bit overgrown, barring a short bit at the Oxford end its really only for mountain bikes... So what's left?... I'm thinking the A34 southbound should be pretty slow southbound, and I can catch the 66 from the last stop on the Botley road, and if I have spare time there, do some shopping in Aldi...


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I occasionally use NCR from the other side of Oxford (it runs past my house) but it is fleeting elements of high quality sandwiched between lots of dross.

Personally, I don't understand why you want to be heading back towards Oxford. Cut across countryside down to somewhere like Kingston Bagpuize, you'll save the extra time cycling with a shorter bus journey.

I would definitely avoid cycling on the A34 because I can only imagine that it would be miserable and/or you will die (unless traffic is at a standstill. Which is a lot of the time. Then it is fun).
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