1. LeetleGreyCells

    Sustrans Big Pedal 2020 Challenge

    For those of you with kids or grandkids at school, do you know about the Sustrans Big Pedal 2020 challenge? Children are encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school which as we on this forum know, active travel is much more beneficial to health and wellbeing, plus teachers will love that on...
  2. captain nemo1701

    Sustrans, the Bristol Railway Path & 'Parklets'

    Just in, Sustrans have published their ideas for parts of the B2B. Oh dear, doesn't look that great, can't see creating 'parklets' is going to make cycling a more pleasant experience. Looks a bit too 'arty-farty' for my liking. I thought they were just going to widen it a bit & put a paved strip...
  3. M

    Sustrans 10

    I'm planning a 3 day tour next week to Kielder. Part of my planned route is to follow the Sustrans 10 route that goes from near Kershopefoot, following the border, to Kielder Water. Is this route suitable for light touring? I'm riding a Ridgeback Panorama with panniers only
  4. Mini58

    Google Maps Publish restricted access routes - Sustrans?

    i some may know I am disabled - it is great to see that Google Maps is launching city maps of restricted access. I had intended using NCN only for my LEJOG. This will prove to be impossible due to the barriers and restrictions on the route. My lack of mobility makes it difficult for me to get...
  5. chriscross1966

    Sustrans 5 commute, Oxford to Yarnton

    In a word, don't. My office has just moved to Yarnton and I'm trying to find a route from there to somewhere the 66 bus picks up from as I live in Swindon. Bike is a modified Brompton... Tried the Woodstock Road last week and its grim due to the state of the surface, so today I tried Sustrans...
  6. pjd57

    Sustrans Glasgow canal ride 22/07/16 View:
  7. KnackeredBike

    Is Sustrans fit for purpose?

    Disclaimer: although I've ridden on lots of Sustrans routes across the country it is still a tiny fraction of the total... Sustrans has bothered me for quite a while. It has stewardship of, potentially, an amazing network of routes for cyclists, pedestrians and horses. Run properly it would...
  8. robgul

    C2C Sustrans film

    Sustrans Sea to Sea route ... useful stuff - about 60 minutes - THIS IS A VHS VIDEO so you'll need a steam-powered player to view it! PM if interested - yours for the postage (Post Office min parcel at £2.80) Rob
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