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Don't know if you have one (counter productive IMHO) but if there is, can you put the 'P' word into it? You know the one. If we need one word to be masked by a few well placed * then that's the one...


:eek: ... it might frustrate the hell out of people if they try to preview their message and it has p******* instead of the P word and they can't figure out why.

I think it's best to leave it for now and let the oldies explain to the noobs that you call it the P word ... or else risk a visit from the fairy :blush:


In at least one forum I know, the FAQs mention a ban on 'cartoon swearing' i.e. rows of "@~&^%$!"s - I suppose that includes "********"s as well. If people really can't think of anything to say without decorating their script with this form of punctuation, it is gently hinted that they might 'go elsewhere'... Bearing in mind the nature of the forum, not a problem for most users.

Illustrates the impoverishment of the English language in our 21st century culture, doesn't it? However I have been known to insert a few f***ing swearwords myself, especially in reported speech from cab drivers!

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There's a cultural point to be made here. Can't we filter out pathetic American swearwords e.g. people saying ass when they mean arse etc? We really should try to keep our poxy bad language bleedin' British.


TheDoctor said:
I have come across fora that change 'rude' words to strange ones.
Watermelon off you kittening cranberry! That kind of thing.
That's one of the best swears I've heard for a while!;)
Baggy is a member of a cat forum and, being predominantly comprised of ladies, the swear filter changes 'chocolate' to 'healthy food'. As in "Ooh a lovely bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk healthy food".:biggrin:

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