Swimming then riding a bike?

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I've kind of stupidly agreed to do a (very, very short) triathlon next weekend.:thumbsup:

Not being a swmmer (apart from a few leisurely lengths of breaststroke sometimes during the winter, when I can't ge out on my bike in the evenings), or a runner (I've run exactly 9km in the last year), it could be an interesting experience.

I do ride a bike, but I'm more of a 120km slow and steady person, than a 12km time-trialler.

On the plus side, though, I can put my shoes on really quickly.
aberdeenian said:
I've kind of stupidly agreed to do a (very, very short) triathlon next weekend.:thumbsup:

How short? What are the respective distances? Are you swimming indoors or out? Wet suit or trunks? Don't forget the vaseline to prevent chapped inner thighs. Good luck! :thumbsup:
What sort of distances? I know a few very fit people that would have problems with the tri swims. Is it indoors or outdoors. Don't you have to wear a wet suit if its outdoors??
Don't worry, very few triathletes can swim and bike and run all to a high standard.
Those few who can, do so disturbingly well, so if you've entered the GB Champs or something it could be a bit embarassing.
But if it's a normal tri with a lot of fun-racers at the back, you'll do OK

I was 3rd last out of the lake in my wave two weeks ago:sad:, but after I'd passed about 40 on the bike I gave up counting...:thumbsup:


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Which tri is it?

The Tri UK handbook suggests, given your name, that you're doing Alford, right? I thought about doing that one but I'm entered in Portobello instead.

It's only 400m in the pool. If it's a 25m pool that's only 16 lengths. The really short tris attract a lot of first timers, and you'll be surprised how many of them are of similar swimming ability and riding JJB specials with knobblies.

My advice is only worry about the people in your heat and enjoying yourself. It's good fun, honest!

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