Switch from SPD to Keo: foot pain.

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After many thousands of miles with SPDs I have switched to Keos.

The plus points are:

- snugger fit
- no squeaks
- I'm going faster.

The downside is pain on the outside edge of each foot (outside metatarsal?).

Do you think this is a fitting issue, or is it just my feet getting used to the new gear?

Monty Dog

New Member
You're probably finding that because of the more secure fit, the foot is far less able to move around on the pedal - feet 'rock' a lot more on SPDs in comparison to a road pedal. That said, because the foot is relatively static inside the shoe, I'd actually look at shoe fit first rather than it being a biomechanical issue - which would more typically result in joint / muscle pain

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I recently changed over to Keo on one of the roadies in the Philippines but have only used them for about 300K. However I found them easier to get in and out of but not so good overall as the Dura Ace pedals. With Dura ace SPD's once you're in they are so comfortable IMO. With the Keo's there are three different colours giving varying degrees of float, perhaps you need one of the other float ranges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Two weeks on and I'm still getting this. It's bearable riding, but I'm in agony for a while when I stop.

I've got the greys which are intermediate float (4.5 degrees?).

Any more advice?



Interestingly, I too have recently swapped from SPD SL to Keo. Last week, on a particularly strenuous training session, I noticed a pain in my left foot. I think the problem relates to the reduced float in the Keo cleats. I like the pedals and find clicking in more assured and less of a fumble.
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