Tag-along help, please.


Recently bought a Trek 'Tag-along' second hand which didn't come with the fitting for the seat post. Ordered a cheap sort of generic-ish thing from an internet auction site to replace it, but from the pictures have I mounted it properly, i.e, bracket the right way up ...


...and is the gap (either side of where the silver sticker is) supposed to be a gap, or should it be closed? If so can I add washers to bridge the gap? I sort of hoped it was supposed to be there to give it some free play when tag-along in use


Hope that doesn't sound stupid, apologies if it does. Thanks in advance.


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Looks correct to me - you may want to source a couple of washers to take up the gap - not essential.


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Whatever you do, do it so that there's only movement in the vertical and horizontal planes. If the trailer is able to flop from side to side thanks to slop in the connector you will find it very disconcerting for you and the passenger and there's a danger that, as you set off, you cause the bike to wobble setting up a violent side to side motion on the trailer and throwing the child off. Guess how I know this?
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