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Tannus Tyres....not bad at all!

Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by Bill, 10 Jan 2018.

  1. I’m still running my Triban 520 on Tannus tyres. I’ve done about 5000 miles on them. They are worthwhile, when you’re used to them. They do have some ‘quirks’ which require getting used to. If you really can’t afford to get punctures, or you have difficulty with sorting punctures out, they are the best solution. You’ll often read reports / horror stories about them, but it’s usually regurgitatated clap trap, from people with little or no experience of actually riding a lot, with them. Once you’re used to the ( slightly odd at first ) feel of them, especially in corners, or particularly on the ‘tactile mats’ used on pedestrian crossings / entry to cycle lanes etc. They are well worth a go. Tannus have recently updated the road tyre version of them, they now include a 25mm tyre, with a lower ‘virtual Pressure’. Previously you could only get a 23mm or 28mm version, with 110 or 100 psi virtual pressure ( which is a lot for a 28mm tyre). I’ve found them invaluable for riding in dark, cold, wet conditions. Also, they have been tested by the T.U.V.

    So they have got some credentials from the aspects of safety and performance.
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  2. Last year I did this


    Then this


    The following day.

    On this


    That’s 200 miles over two days, on Tannus tyres (so they’re okay for distance riding as well).
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  3. simon.r

    simon.r Person

  4. I probably have more experience of Tannus tyres on a road bike, than anyone else I know. I disagree with everything you’ve said.
  5. True. They are like no other components I can think of, from that point of view. It also amazes me that the most vociferous objections to them, seem to come from those with demonstrably the least experience of them, actually riding with them. It’s very odd, but I attribute it to the fact that the more shouty people are, on the internet at least, about a subject / item, the less likely they are to be able to demonstrate how it is they form that opinion, and shouty internet people tend to be the type that don’t take being made to look daft, by opposite opinions, given by people with indisputable evidence / experience of the subject / item, well at all. That’s the internet in general to a large degree, but cycling type forums seem to attract more of them, from my point of view.
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  7. Funny you should say that. I’m off to the bike show in London in February. The main import agents for Tannus are usually there. If they have a pair of 25mm red ones, I’m going to buy them, they usually do a show discount as well.
  8. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Über Member

    Saw red ones earlier


    Sadly I don't think I have clearance for 32s...

    If you do make the swap, and you can get those off, let me know :smile:
  9. mjr

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    Well, if you don't like a component, you're not going to use it long enough to get more experience than someone who loves it, are you? So that's not really so unusual.

    If you want a component that really gets half-baked irrational rants, try a Sturmey-Archer AW or its successors! :wacko:
  10. Getting them off is not as hard as some think. You put the tool that they come with under the tyre on the rim, then push it right under and through the other side, then grab the tool with both hands, and roll the tool forwards. The pins snap out, and then you just repeat around the circumference.
  11. Ruf

    Ruf New Member

    I fitted Tannus tyres to my Brompton just before Christmas, having been assured that I would hardly notice any difference. I cycle 12 miles to work 3 mornings a week and was looking forward to no longer having to worry about punctures. Cycling home from the workshop, I thought I was struggling a bit, but it was an unfamiliar route so I didn’t worry.
    The next day I set off for work and after a couple of miles, thought I had developed COPD - I was gasping for breath. I arrived at work exhausted. Even the slightest incline felt like the Alps. I began to wonder if it was the tyres. Over the next few weeks I continued to struggle and began to hate my commute. Yesterday, I finally had the Tannus tyres removed and a set of Marathons put on. Today, my cycle to work was a dream. I felt 10 years younger. Good riddance to the Tannus tyres, I say.
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  12. Good for you. Enjoy your punctures.
  13. They’re not for everyone, not much ever is. You have to decide if you’d rather push a bit harder, and never get a puncture, or resort to a standard / more conventional tyre, and put up with changing inner tubes, possibly in the dark, when it’s freezing cold. It’s each to their own.
  14. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    Or you can just use sealant on those rare occasions it's too dark/cold to fix a puncture.
  15. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Über Member

    Update: the spring and pinger broke off last week due to metal fatigue...