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There is some right good reading there.


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Brilliant, isn't it? I believe the chap has some kind of creative / literary job and it shows. Looking forwad to tracking the dots when the race starts...
I'm the author of the blog. I've followed the links back to cyclechat. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm over the moon that people enjoy reading my stories.

The race kicks off in less than two weeks. I've just finished my last major training weekend (a climbing session in the Dolomites) and I'm into my taper, trying to regain some freshness, pay off my sleep debt and hopefully even bank some extra sleep in advance of the race.

There's some last minute flapping about kit choices, gearing, transport to Geraardsbergen etc. Despite my plans to be working on my route since April, I've yet to begin properly, so that's my current priority.

Thanks again for sharing the blog. The wider readership has caught the attention of some brands and I'm hoping to use it as a platform to raise some useful funds for Cancer Research UK, so the extra exposure is also helping to beat cancer sooner.

Ajax Bay

East Devon

Image from this account.
TCR 2015 (route above): start Geraarsdbergen, Belgium and finish Istanbul, Turkey with four checkpoints: Mont Ventoux (France), Strada dell’Assietta (Italy), Vukovar (Croatia) and Mount Lovcen (Montenegro).
2016 route:
Start // De Muur, Geraardsbergen, BEL
[on Saturday 30th July]
CP1 // Puy du Dome, Massif Central, FRA
CP2 // Furkapass, Alps, SUI
CP3 // Passo Giau, Dolomites, ITA
CP4 // Durmitor, NW Montenegro, MNE
Arrivee // Canakkale, TUR


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The write-ups are taking me longer than the race itself, but here's Day 1
Good write up, thanks and keep it coming.
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