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Check if those Spanish units were tested in Slovakia. Then start worrying, or maybe not.
I have absolutely no idea what you are going on about.
Oh and they havent even been built :wacko:

Bobby Mhor

Wasn't born to follow
Not really bothered about their issues.
Got to do training on some units we have aquired from London Overground. Same class as I drive but a couple of differences to learn about.
Ive seen pictures of the cab mockups of the new Spanish units we are getting in a couple of years. That will be the only thing of interest to me.
A family member commutes to Glasgow..
they catch a main line train which goes through the Central Belt via Perth to Aberdeen..
most nights it has TWO carriages..
Imagine rush-hour traffic from Glasgow to a major city passing through high density populated areas....
She tweets them occasionally and every excuse under the sun is given..
time to sack a few high heads and then we'll see how quickly it all sorts itself out...
nothing happens whilst those in power get away with it....
Good morning.

I need a shave.


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Good morning.

I need a shave.
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Morning time for some breakfast
Possibly the best time for breakfast.
Good Morning :hello:
There's a novelty.........someone not understanding Classic! :laugh:

We have another blustery day ahead.............strong winds and heavy showers. Got a 5 mile jog in without getting rained on though.
What's tha tryin to say?

You were on a treadmill, inside.
Morning all:hello:
Minging outside....again:ohmy:
Would you rather it was inside?

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