Really? I'd stick with a bike personally, but each to their own. Doesn't Weetabix go soggy in the rain?
Lol..............are you turning into Classic? :laugh:


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Good Morning :hello:
Now you're no longer requiring them. For the moment anyway.
A fine morning to you :hello:
You've sent us one in the post!
Hello... About to take Beautiful Daughter to Kindergarten in the Pishing rain. Thankfully the Bakfiets has a rain cover.

Unfortunately I can't get under it too...
Bet you could, but then you'd need someone else doing the cycling.
A tad gusty through here! Had a donder this morning. Back on the Weetabix for a change.
I'd be on the Shredded Wheat.

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Dunno bout that. Coffee, scone and maybe carrot cake :ohmy: Depends on the wee fella :sad:

Wow, Is that a new colour?
Ha. Possibly, without the cheery fun

I want one too...
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