What were you doing down this way?
Coming to hide under your bed! :laugh:


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Good Morning :hello:
Ooh aye
Coming to hide under your bed! :laugh:
Good morning.

I was making my tea when my phone alarm went off.

Now I know it was 07:10 when I made the tea, but I can't remember how many teaspoons of sugar I put in the mug...
Use a seperate spoon for each spoon of sugar. Then you can count the spoons and know how many. Or just add another, just to be certain...
Good morning:hello:
Today is a parcel(s) day..
Mon (and yesterday) was 'Dad, can you?'

Get George to do it:laugh:
Did you, Monday & Yesterday?

He be busy fighting.

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......................and we have rain. Hope it cools things down a bit. Splitting headache with the high humidity. A relaxing afternoon on the sofa with the TDF on I think.


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Hong Kong
When's the warm weather gonna hit?

How bad does is it when that sort of warning/forecast is given on air quality?

This is quite bad. There's a typhoon in the area and this does happen if it's close enough to HK. The typhoon is heading to Taiwan. It shunts a lot of heat ahead of it and messes with the air quality. Apparently, it'll be the same tomorrow but rain is forecast for Friday and the weekend so it'll wash the pollution away and the temp will drop. Hopefully.
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