If credit is due, is it really credit!
Depends if you are an accountant, I expect.

Time for bed...


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Day 171
The summer sun glows softly now.
There's been a brief period of darkness again. Even these seem longer now.

The silence is deafening, broken only by the odd scream. I am reminded of the light at the end of the narrow tunnel being the light on the front of the locomotive heading this way.


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Bobby Mhor

Wasn't born to follow
Behind You
Rounders on the telly again?
Caught up earlier
with the early AM game..
what with TdF and the Italian cycling I have no time for anything else

except cycling..
borrowed a posh mountain bike today and the seat was/is killing me...
thank heavens for a soft cushion:laugh:


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Day 172
There is finer weather on the horizon, just a pity it is there whilst I am here.
The day dawned slowly, and quietly. No sudden daybreak or break of day.
Will this madness ever end? Will the horizon ever get closer? Will my numbers ever come up in the lottery?



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Depends on how quickly Polly is back on the road..
I fancy trying a trip along a usual route with it so we will see..
I have to clean it first:sad:

and I'm late again....
Candy, retaining bolts, hoses were complicit..
but good afternoon:hello:
Clean! the borrowed bike, the route or "Polly". Cleaning the route is a bit extreme, to say the least.

Did you try tightening them first, works sometimes. Failing that, a junior hacksaw blade hasn't failed me yet.

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