Team Sky replica kit

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It's been announced. £70 for a ss jersey on Wiggle, £100 for a gillet. I guessed around £65 for the jersey a couple of months ago so I wasn't far out. Do you get a free sky box with that?


And I thought our club gear was expensive:biggrin:
You will be able to buy on ebay soon from Taiwan at a fraction of the price.

I have a columbia htc Jersey and a caisse d'epargne jersey. Both from ebay and both just as good quality as some of the more expensive gear I own.


Why have cycling kit made by Adidas? :wacko:

I suppose they'll maybe attract the football replica shirt-wearing market, the one's who spend their time sat in front of Sky TV whilst guzzling pizza and drinking beer :evil:

Chavtastic at a high price :blush:

Ghost Donkey

Alan H said:
For that price I'd want a bike as well.

You can get the bike for the bargain price of just over twelve grand. I expect that comes with the electric gear change setup. I'd like my name on it for that much. The replica jerseys I bought in the sales were both £15. The only full price replica shirt I've bought was the pink giro leader :evil:. I'd pay up to forty quid for the sky one in the season but I can't stretch to seventy.


Last of the Summer Winos
For that price I'd want Bradley Wiggins to give me a tow up the bloody hills.
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