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I will put my hand up and say i am a numpty with most things technical.It's great to have the kids at home,mind you Mrs Postman is a dab hand at most things.But today i have seen and used the future.When i was a teenager i had a reel to reel tape recorder.It was second hand brought home as a gift from a customer of my dad,he was a decorator.I taped most Thursday nights,Top of the Pops,the microphone was attached to a lump of wood and placed in front of the tv speaker.Artiste came on and down went finger.I did the same on a Sunday night,Alan Freeman i knew him well.Reel after reel i collected.Well a few years ago my family bought me an ipod nano,1200 songs are on that.The size of a matchbox,well today even that was ousted,with the arrival for my daughter of an Amazon Alexa 2nd generation thing.It is incredible,i asked for three songs from the sixties not at the same time mind you,one after the other,what a beautiful rich tone,well after the summer break it goes to Edinburgh when she goes back to Uni,i wonder if it will need an accent.Amazing.

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I paid for my MacDonalds breakfast today using my phone. Amazing!^_^

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I have a Google Home in the living room, she is hilarious as randomly she will pipe up with something, even if we haven't said HEY GOOGLE.

Like yesterday she said THE CORRECT ANSWER IS 13 YEARS AND 7 MONTHS.....

Mum and I were like :eek:
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