1. mistyoptic

    Technology fail

    I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the jokes thread but, as it’s true…
  2. Smokin Joe

    Friday Night is Music Night; Technology and Innovation

    In tribute to Sir Clive who died yesterday. View:
  3. Hover Fly

    What new technology have you tried and dismissed?

    I’ve tried clipless pedals with several systems from Look back in the 80s to SPDs and while they might give a small advantage, as soon as you get where you’re going and dismount they’re found wanting.
  4. Drago

    What old cycling technology would you like to see combined with new cycling technology?

    Hydraulic rod brakes? Electric penny farthing? Carbon fibre gas pipe?
  5. GuyBoden

    What old cycling technology don't you ever want to see again?

    In contrast to the other thread. What old cycling technology don't you ever want to see again? I'll start the ball rolling with 1970's Cowhorn handlebars, uncomfy saddles, cotter pins, short...
  6. davidphilips

    What old cycling technology etc would you like to see return?

    With new technology replacing old, list is almost endless what would you like to see a return of? My first choice has to be a return of head badges, no function value but a nice bit of bling.
  7. Yellow Fang

    What the oldest bit of technology you own that still works?

    I have an old scientific Casio calculator. I think I got it for my A levels or it might have been several years after. That would make it between 30 and 40 years old. It still works except I don't trust its power supply. I have a torch that takes three D type batteries. It was a bright torch...
  8. Sharky

    Smart Technology

    Just been listening to the Pro's and cons for legalising electric scooters. Those against are saying that scooters will be everywhere, causing obstructions to pedestrians etc. Those for, are saying that smart technology can restrict scooters to certain pathways and speed limits. To me it seems...
  9. Archie_tect

    Nu- Bike: is this a genuine improvement to bike technology?

    Please watch this video which suggests a real change that first appeared in 2018 is progressing: View:
  10. Nigeyy

    What's been a backwards step in technology for you?

    I thought about this today as I gave away my old Windows phone (I use Whatsapp and it was no longer supported and stopped working on the Windows phone, so bought a new phone last year). Though I have to say my first thought when I thought about this was: cars. What with the increase in...
  11. kj92

    Which GPS / Phone Apps / Fitness Watches do you recommend?

    Currently I have a Polar Ignite watch, hooked up to the Polar app, which talks to the Strava App relatively well for fitness stuff... but I'm not done yet! I want a GPS-type device for the Brompton for when we're cycling about. This is what's needed in my set up - can you help!? - Watch -...
  12. keithmac


    Could you imagine 30 years ago you could get 256GB of data on your finger nail!. I had an Amiga A500 in the early 90's and that coped extremely well with 512kb (Microsoft eat your heart out!). Everytime I use this USB memory stick it amazes me (little things please little minds and all that)..
  13. postman


    I will put my hand up and say i am a numpty with most things technical.It's great to have the kids at home,mind you Mrs Postman is a dab hand at most things.But today i have seen and used the future.When i was a teenager i had a reel to reel tape recorder.It was second hand brought home as a...
  14. Dave7

    Israeli airport security technology :)

    Boarding planes in Israel ... What a simple and brilliant idea! I particularly like the 'spare' seat announcement! It's hard to beat Israeli technology! TEL AVIV, Israel - The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates privacy concerns that come with full-body...
  15. smith4188

    (Probably quite basic) Touring tech advice needed

    I'm off again for another six month tour starting April and since last time all my electronics have died. What I need is something to take decent, magazine-quality photos, somewhere to write notes (a lot of notes, with the possibility of, on occasion, offline memory-stick backup) and general...
  16. biggs682

    Do we rely on modern technology too much ?

    Simple question really ? In my job we rely on a on line parts identification system , it crashes every so often and when it does its access is not available world wide so we are unable to id bits our customers need and there is no back up system to fall back on to and the paper manuals are not...
  17. mustang1

    Inferior technology that did well

    Betamax gave better picture quality that VHS yet VHS was far more popular. MP3 files gave worse quality sound than CD yet people still adopted it for convenience. (Some will argue that CD quality was worse than vinyl). Bluetooth audio still doesn't work quite as well as it should, eg in a car...
  18. Joey Shabadoo

    How much technology on a bike is "too much"? Interesting article on new technologies being integrated into bikes making the experience more "car-like". Are these genuinely useful, will they trickle down to become common place or will things like programmable gear change buttons always be a...
  19. fossyant

    Good Stuff about Technology and the Internet

    As someone who was introduced to computers as a kid with Sinclair and BBC Micro and then to basic internet in my twenties, what stuff amazes you. My kids aren't phased by any of it as tech was advanced. PS they both think Space Invaders is hard.
  20. EltonFrog

    Women in Technology Event at Microsoft.

    Shaun has given me permission to promote this event. The Fragrant Mrs P is hosting a Women in Technology event at Microsoft HQ in Reading : "Join us for the day to learn about Microsoft’s most innovative and exciting products and solutions in an interactive and hands-on educational event for...
  21. mustang1

    Technology sucks

    Just spent 40 minutes trying to get something to download (it's ok, k don't help, i k own what the problem is). But the amount of time it takes to get things fixed really sucks, and the frequency at which at which i have to fix things also sucks. They call it change, or progress. Im a big fan...
  22. Drago

    Kids and Technology

    My 5YO daughter has a tablet computer. She uses it for watching CBeebies, playing games, and kids videos on Netflix. We limit her to an hour a day on it, but it's frightening how good she is at using it. Anyway, she's found then sat nav app and has been playing with it. Not quite fully...
  23. Globalti

    Founder of Hope Technology dies. I well remember visiting the orginal factory on Hope Street and admiring the racks of steel, aluminium and titanium billet waiting to be turned...
  24. swee'pea99

    Modern technology just boggles my mind

    I know it's a really banal thought, but having just learned from the 想知道一個秘密嗎 thread that the Welsh for microwave is Popty Ping, I sent myself an email to remind me. A split second after I hit 'send', my phone went 'bleep'. So in that time, my message has gone from my laptop to the router in the...
  25. Globalti

    New Naan-o Technology shorts reviewed.

    This is a new concept in shorts pads from Blackburn, Lancashire. The pad is thick and comfortable and you feel like you're sitting on air. The great feature is that the pad is actually edible! If you feel the bonk coming on, pull out the pad and enjoy. Any disadvantages? Well they didn't stand...
  26. GrumpyGregry

    USB related technology question..

    My headset (combined stereo headphone and mono mike) comes with 3.5 mm TRRS male jack. I want a male USB adapter with onboard sound card with a single female TRS socket to plug into my PC. (Surface 4 Pro) I can only find USB adapters with seperate female sockets for headphones and mic rather...
  27. biggs682

    New technology embraced in 2015

    During 2015 I have embraced quite a few more modern cycling aids ... Does this mean the start of the end for older technology like steel bikes! So in 2015 I started using the following things, Sti's, Spd clip in pedals,alloy framed bikes, Carbon forks, Garmin 200 and just had a Garmin Virb for...
  28. Spinney

    The next iteration - getting into space

    Article on the BBC news website When I worked at BAe in the late 1980s, I spent just under a year on the team modelling possible designs for HOTOL (horizontal take-off and landing). The engine was a hybrid (jet engine then switching to rocket engine) - so the current investment is revisiting...
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