What old cycling technology etc would you like to see return?


Maybe not Litespeed being but my Genesis does still come with a head badge.



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Internally-geared hubs on kids' bikes.

Saddlebag loops on saddles.

9 speed in better groupsets - it is the sweet spot between "not close enough gears" and "too fussy and expensive".

Triple chainsets.

Horizontal dropouts on lightweight frames (and decent QRs).

Rigid MTBs.

Straight bars on MTBs - riser bars are a joke.


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Downtube shifters. Much more elegant and hardly difficult to use.
For true downtube friction shifters, only the rachet type seem to be the longest lasting, Suntour power shifter or Simplex Retrofriction seem to be good, the other makes seem to wear and don't hold in place over 50+ years. :smile:

Indexed downtube shifters are modern, different and slightly more complex.
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