What the oldest bit of technology you own that still works?

Yellow Fang

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I have an old scientific Casio calculator. I think I got it for my A levels or it might have been several years after. That would make it between 30 and 40 years old. It still works except I don't trust its power supply. I have a torch that takes three D type batteries. It was a bright torch for its day. I have a Seiko watch my father gave me for a 21st birthday present, so that is over 30 years old. It has only needed one battery change.


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Depends on your interpretation of technology. There a grandfather clock in our dining room dates to about 1780. Has to be wound daily but keeps excellent time


Eh up
A Sansui tuner amp about 40 years old, a Nintendo and Sega games consoles, several old mobiles, all working but none of them are used, why have I kept them? I don't know the answer to that question.


Quedgeley, Glos
I still have, and use, the calculator (also a Casio) my dad bought me when I started secondary school - weren't allowed to use them, it was still log books and all that - but it was good for checking results. That would have been 1973. I reckon this calculator will last longer than me.

Glow worm

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Near Newmarket
My old boom box still works a treat, from about 1990 I think, It has the crispest, cleanest sound on AM than any of my newer receivers- almost FM quality. It plays loud too- damn loud!

i still have an older one too that was a 13th birthday present in 1982 but the cassette player no longer works and the radio is now quite poor though FM still quite good, shame there’s nothing on FM worth listening to! 😜



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Seiko Quartz 100 watch bought in 1980 when I left Aussie

Chris S

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I've still got a calculator from 1980. There aren't any batteries in it but I don't see why it wouldn't work if there were.

I've also got a cathode ray TV from about 2005 that is still in daily use.
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