What old cycling technology would you like to see combined with new cycling technology?

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Grand Old Lady
An e-assist penny farthing would be interesting as the peddles start turning while trying to mount the thing and the e-assist kicks in...

I'll go with self inflating tyres and a handlebar pie dispensing machine...
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Legendary Member
One of these on a Carbon frame


Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
A quantum cycling computer that knows how far you are going to ride before you set off.
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Europe Endless
The TerrorVortex
Swytch bikes have an e-Penny, I've seen it on the adverts.
Shimano used to make electronic-shifting 3 and 4 speed hub gears.
I'd like to see STI / Ergo style shifters for 5 or 6 speed. And lightweight rims and tyres for 26 x 1 3/8 wheels. And a carbon Brompton.
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